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Nothing beats a bowl of flavorful rice porridge during a cold rainy day. This comforting dish has been a Filipino staple for centuries and has been a go-to merienda for everyday Filipinos. A classic combination of lugaw and tokwa’t baboy is what we are used to but you know what? Lugaw can be more than that.

Here are some unique and indulgent lugaw recipes to make your rainy days extra delicious.

Gata Goto

Lugaw can be extra special by just adding one simple ingredient and that ingredient is coconut milk. This creamy version of goto mixed with the goodness of gata might just be your new favorite lugaw.


Dinuguan Goto

A creative fusion of two Filipino merienda classics, this Dinuguan Goto is for the adventurous foodies! This delicious and hearty lugaw that will surely satisy your cravings.


Chicken Adobo Goto

This unique goto should be a favorite of adobo lovers. The richness we know in adobo is fused with the simple yet indulgent lugaw creating this delicious bed weather must eat.


Batchoy Lugaw

An elevated take on two classic Filipino soups, this Batchoy Lugaw combi is loaded with lots of savory goodies. Make sure to cook a big batch because it might be get finished off fast!


Seafood Lugaw

This not-your-usual lugaw is cooked with the goodness of seafood. make sure to cook with freshly-bought ingredients to fully enjoy this seafood soup dish.



Feeling a bit extra and sinful? Try this rich and abundant lugaw made with bulalo! This bulalugaw is a guilty pleasure you deserve after a long hard day at work.



What other rainy season recipes would you like us to cook for you? Comment below! Stay safe and dry always foodie!

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