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In an exciting fusion of flavors, Yardstick Coffee and Auro Chocolate have collaborated to create a one-of-a-kind treat.

The Flat White features Auro Chocolate’s award-winning 40% White Chocolate infused with the crowd-favorite Golden Ticket beans of Yardstick Coffee. This infusion captures the essence of a Flat White, highlighting Golden Ticket’s flavor notes of milk chocolate, caramel, and almonds, making the white chocolate the perfect carrier for these flavors. However, it doesn’t stop there as the bar contains finely ground coffee, giving the chocolate a perfect crunch for added texture.

While the brands have previously collaborated in the past, this is their very first co-branded product that proudly features the DNA of both brands. “When we revived the collab product idea again this year after postponing it due to the pandemic, we wanted to do something new and exciting that would highlight the chocolate notes in Yardstick’s flagship blend Golden Ticket. And that’s how Flat White was born – a velvety 40% white chocolate made with our award-winning Davao-origin cacao butter that has been delicately infused with Golden Ticket coffee.” Kelly Go, Co-Founder of Auro Chocolate.

Impassioned by their crafts, both brands see that there is no limit to what they can achieve together and what imaginative ideas they can turn into reality. “Working with the Auro team has been super collaborative, from nailing the flavor profile of the bar to working on the packaging. Because of the similarity in values of both Yardstick and Auro, this entire project was both easy and enriching” Andre Chanco, co-founder of Yardstick Coffee, on collaborating with Auro.

“It was very effortless and fulfilling to collaborate with the Yardstick team because of the mutual trust and admiration we have established over the years, especially given that we are very aligned in our values and cultures. Anchored by our passion to promote all things craft in the Philippines, we are committed to spreading greater awareness and appreciation for fine flavor, sustainability, and novel experiences.” Mark Ocampo, co-founder of Auro Chocolate adds.

Through all the work put into the chocolate bar, perfecting the flavor was a big part that both brands wanted to nail. According to Andre, “The Flat White is one of the most popular drinks in the recent surge of cafes. For this bar, we imagined what it would be like if we took our flagship blend, Golden Ticket, and turned it into a chocolate bar.” When asked who would love this collaborative bar the most, “Fine coffee and chocolate lovers, both new and experienced, who love the comfort and intensity of flat white.” Kelly remarked.

The Flat White Chocolate Bars are priced at 290 Pesos and will be available on January 4. You may visit them at www.aurochocolate.com and www.yardstickcoffee.com or visit them at their cafes— Yardstick locations, and Auro locations


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