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by Ina Louise Manto

Rice is a must in every self-respecting Filipino meal, whether paired with ulam, made into porridge, or eaten as scrumptious desserts like kakanin. Made with glutinous rice, galapong, or sticky rice, kakanin were originally made as offerings to guests or pre-colonial gods. Today, they’re a staple in our merienda, holidays, and celebrations. The best ones are those from the neighborhood suki or sold in the market! If you’ve been craving for these sweet treats, we’ve rounded up some online stores that deliver kakanin to your home:


Kakanin Kusina


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Kanin Kusina aims to recreate your favorite merienda memories, one kakanin at a time. They have puto in different flavors, sapin-sapin, suman, and puto bumbong that are made fresh; that’s why they ask for a two-day lead time for deliveries. All of Kanin Kusina’s native cakes are made with pure galapong and without the use of flour and additives.

You can send an order here.


Puto Pao King


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Puto Pao King has been serving Pinoy favorites since 2009. Their putos come with a twist – unexpected puto toppings from sweet to savory, which will fit every palate. Some toppings include chicken asado, dinuguan, leche flan, matcha, dark chocolate, and the classic cheese. If you want something healthier, you can have your puto infused with wheat and malunggay!

To send an order, send them a message here.




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KitchenKnet’s PICASA Kakanin Combo will give you three classics in a tub: three pieces pichi-pichi, one mini cassava pudding, and three pieces sapin-sapin in one bundle. Got a favorite? You can also order each of the kakanin per tub.

To send an order, visit their page.


Gorio and Mimi’s


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Get a taste of special kakanin made with love from Bulacan by spouses Gorio and Mimi. They have been making delectable kakanin since 1979; they make over 50 kinds of delicacies every day, including their best-selling bibingka, kalamay, sapin-sapin, and kutsinta.

To send an order, send a message here.

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Decena’s Puto Calasiao


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Decena’s brings the original Puto Calasiao of Pangasinan right to your doorstep. In a pack, you can get as much as 30 to 35 bite-sized pieces of puto, kutsinta, or both. They also offer puto in different flavors like strawberry, banana, pandan, mango, and chocolate.

For orders, send them a message.

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This article was republished with permission from 8List.ph. Minor edits have been made for Bitesized.ph.

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