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By Angeli De Rivera

Traveling abroad is still on halt for most of us and that includes missing the dishes of Singapore. We miss the thrill of lining up at a food stall while the auntie or uncle meticulously mixes, sautés, and fries our beloved hawker meals.

What’s great though is how many Manila restaurants can easily answer our craving for Singaporean food hits like Oyster Omelette, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Chili Pepper Crabs, Laksa, and Rendang with just a few touches on the Pick.A.Roo app.



This one-star Michelin Restaurant from Singapore has been making waves locally with its fine menu of original dishes from the Bian Rou Soup, Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon, 9-Fold Braised Pork Intestine as well as their refined take on classics like Cereal Prawns, Chili Crab, and Fried Oysters. To make their flavors last long at home make sure to order the bottled Spice Mum Chili Sauce, which you can add to any dish. We recommend sautéing it with garlic then adding in softened vermicelli and prawns or adding a spoonful of the condiment to level up any stir fry.

For the complete menu visit their Facebook page and Instagram.

Hawker Chan

Another Michelin-stamped Singapore food spot is the legendary Hawker Chan known for their roasted meat and egg noodle dishes. We can’t get enough of their Char Siew, Roasted Pork, or the world-famous Soya Sauce Chicken, which can be all enjoyed in just one platter combination. It would be a sin to not order the sides to complete the hawker experience like the Braised Tofu with Egg and Seasonal Vegetable, Soya Bean Sprouts, and Fried Dumplings. Don’t forget to wash it all down with their signature beverages: Roselle Tea, Luo Han Gao, or Barley with a Calamansi Twist.

For the complete menu visit their Facebook page and Instagram


Babu or Stall 8 in The Grid has been serving up Southeast Asian faves in party trays—perfect for big families and bottomless tummies. Best-sellers include the Assorted Satay with housemade Peanut Sauce, Hainanese Chicken Rice, and D-I-Y Laksa Kits that come in Chicken and Seafood options. Did you know they also created a Laksa Sushi Bake? Note to self: We need to try that!

For the complete menu visit their Facebook page and Instagram.


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James & Daughters

Known for their Asian and French fusion dishes, James & Daughters transform ordinary hawker food into exquisite fine-dining dishes. Go for their Char Keow Teow, Beef Rendang, Hokkien Mee, Smoked Duck in Red Curry, and Chili Garlic Wonton Chicken Noodle Soup.

For the complete menu visit their Facebook page and Instagram.

Banana Leaf

We love Banana Leaf! They have been consistent in providing delicious Southeast Asian dishes even before Filipinos could easily afford to fly to Singapore! Never fail choices include Vegetable Samosas, Stir-Fried Clams in Singaporean Chili Sauce, Tilapia Fillet with Assam Sambal Sauce, Stir-Fried Oat Prawns in Singaporean Style. Plus, with several branches all over the metro they can gladly fix your craving anywhere you are.

Visit www.bananaleaf.com.ph for the complete menu.

Your Local

Give in to your food cravings with Your Local’s hip rendition of Singaporean classics. Their assorted buns (Beef Rendang Buns, Chili Crab Buns, Salted Egg Chicken Buns) are absolute flavor bombs. On the other hand, their playful plates of Glazed Pork Nasi Lemak and Lamb Rendang are ideal for intimate gatherings that can appease those barkada travel pangs for the moment.

For the complete menu visit their Facebook page and Instagram.


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Nanyang’s affordable Singaporean dishes are perfect for those lazy I-don’t-feel-like-cooking-today moments. Nanyang bestsellers include the Laksa that’s available in either prawn or fish ball, Curry Chicken, Fish Ball Noodle Soup, and yummy Nasi Lemak. Their Kaya Toasts are the perfect afternoon snacks. But, if you’re up to the challenge, you can make them yourself with their bottled Kaya spreads.

Visit nanyang.com.ph for the complete menu.

Wee Nam Kee

We can’t talk about Singaporean food without talking about their national dish: Hainanese Chicken Rice. One of the best places in the city to get your fix is with the indisputable HCR specialty restaurant Wee Nam Kee. For years the Singapore import has been churning out HCR platters in different variants: from the Signature Hainanese Chicken to the highly sought after, Yellow Hainanese Chicken Rice. After ordering the best sellers, make sure to have the other must-tries: Sizzling Singapore Style Hot Plate Tofu, Mixed Seafood and Tofu in Traditional Claypot, and Spicy Sambal Rice Noodles.

Visit https://relish-group.com/collections/wee-nam-kee for the complete menu.

The Singapore Food Festival, one of the most anticipated events on every foodie’s calendar, will return this year for its 28th edition. As a treat for us fellow food lovers in Manila, the Singapore Tourism Board collaborated with Pick.A.Roo so you can enjoy your favorite Singaporean dishes at home. Order your favorite Singaporean dishes via Pick.A.Roo and enjoy exclusive promos and discounts until September 23! For a minimum purchase of P1,000, you can get a voucher worth P150, using the code PICKSFF.

For more details about this year’s activities for the Singapore Food Festival, visit www.singaporefoodfestival.com and to download the Pick.A.Roo app, visit their website www.pickaroo.com.

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