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by Meryl Medel

In case you haven’t heard of this new trend yet, leche flan donuts are essentially brioche donuts filled with leche cream and topped with good old Pinoy favorite leche flan. It’s quite the treat for your sweet tooth. The original leche flan donut comes from Kora, a Filipino-owned bakery based in New York. Unfortunately, flying to the US is difficult right now with all the travel restrictions. Fortunately, a lot of local home bakers and bakeshops have tried their own hand at this Pinoy dessert with a twist. Check out where you can get these leche flan donuts now.


Sandybaker Pastry Shop

Based in Parañaque, Sandybaker Pastry Shop offers these soft donuts topped with creamy leche flan that has just the right level of sweetness. They also offer other pastries like crinkles, caramel bars, filled donuts in assorted flavors, milky cheese donuts, and more. A box of 4 leche flan donuts is PHP 250, while a box of 12 is PHP 600. Get yours here.


Kuh Meal


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Kuh Meal offers all kinds of dishes and delicacies for foodies. One of their best sellers is their Leche Flan Brioche Donuts. It’s soft and silky smooth all in one bite. However, it’s available only on Sundays, so you’d need to order at the earliest possible time. A box of six costs PHP 450. Get yours here.



Ooohbeh.atbp has been serving quality, hand-kneaded breads during the lockdown. Their leche flan donuts aren’t fried, but baked. They also offer another Kora-inspired donut called Halo-Halo Donut. A box of four starts at PHP 270, while a box of six starts at PHP 370. You can also get a mix of the two variations for only PHP 300 (box of 4) or PHP 400 (box of 6). Get yours via Instagram or Facebook.


Justyn Cafe

If you want extra fancy dessert, you should try Justyn Cafe’s 24K Leche Flan Donuts, which are essentially soft, fluffy donuts topped with leche flan and pureed flan and gold flakes. You can get a dozen of these fancy donuts from this Las Piñas-based cafe for PHP 2,500. Get yours here.


Pufft Doughnuts


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Pufft offers soft, fluffy donuts that are filled to the capacity with classic flavors and bold twists. Their Kora-inspired leche flan donuts have leche puree and homemade leche flan. A box of 4 is PHP 600. Get yours here.


Gourmet Cravings

Gourmet Cravings is offering their own take on the Kora original. Their Leche Flan Brioche Donut is made of buttery flaky brioche donut, pure leche flan, and leche flan custard. It’s only 70 per piece, but you have to order a minimum of 3 pieces. Get yours via Instagram or Facebook.


Kenji’s Cafe


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Famous for their Ube Leche Flan Cake, Kenji’s Cafe is also now offering Leche Flan Donuts for PHP 495 for six pieces. Their take on this sweet treat is a heart-shaped leche flan over a soft, fluffy donut. Get yours here.


Em’s Leche Flan


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Based in Marikina, Em’s Leche Flan specializes in — what else — leche flan. Of course, they’re also offering their take on this newest craze, serving up a brioche donut filled with leche flan puree, topped with a mini creamy leche flan and powdered sugar. Get yours here or through 09055224793 for only PHP 220 for a box of six or PHP 440 for a box of twelve.


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This article was republished with permission from 8List.ph. Minor edits have been made for Bitesized.ph.

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