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by Meryl Medel

Staple breakfast bread pandesal is already good on its own, but baking it with a flavor adds a unique experience to your usual breakfast. While we love the ube cheese craze and how everyone seems to be baking ube cheese pandesal, there are so much more flavors out there that go well with the soft, airy quality of this classic Filipino bread roll. We’ve found where you can order other flavors, so check them out below.




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You can never go wrong with classic chocolate. The choco flavor could be a filling inside or baked with the bread itself. Add some cream cheese and voila! Instant level up for your brekky.

Where to buy: @buenosdiaspanaderia’s Milo Buns



Ube’s a frequent ingredient in a lot of Pinoy dishes — and so is pandan. So it’s no surprise people added it to pandesal. But then again, pandan pandesal has been for a while already, it just never went as viral as ube.

Where to buy: @bakemartandsweets’s Pande-Yema, @muchasgraciasmendez’s Pandan Cheese

Cheesy Spinach


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Want something a little healthier in the mornings? Grab yourself some cheesy spinach pandesal and you’ll be good to go.

Where to buy: @mrsbakeandmake

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