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Image via Billboard

READ: The secret is out! The brains (and tastebuds) behind the Onion Rings Worldwide instagram account, as we have learned through Jimmy Fallon’s careful prodding, is no other than 2-time Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Lorde. While she has officially deleted the account to avoid misconceptions that it is just for media buzz, it’s amusing to know that the stars can also love their fast food grub as much as we mere mortals do. Check out the full interview here.


Image via All Treatment

READ: Drinks around the metro is good fun – until you start thinking about the risks of date rape drugs. Fortunately, a group of high school students have invented a straw that can detect the presence of Ketamine, GBH, or Rohypnol. After winning the Miami Herald’s Business Plan Challenge, they are now looking to crowdfund their invention so it can reach more women around the world. Read more about it via Forbes.



WATCH: Dreaming of starting your own food business? Brush up on your culinary know-how and business acumen with TLC’s new show Tricks of the Restaurant Trade every Tuesday at 9pm.

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