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Pantone’s Color of the Year is always much anticipated at the beginning of every year, and 2022 is no different. Very Peri, the 2022 Color of the Year, is a mix of blues and purples that “ introduces an empowering mix of newness” and “encourages personal inventiveness and creativity.” But honestly, what captured our attention is the touch of violet undertone that reminds us of the Pinoy favorite ube! So to start off the year, let’s indulge in some Very Peri-looking ube desserts.


Ube Chiffon Cake

Location: Greenmeadows, Quezon City
Contact: Facebook, Instagram, 0917 722 1153

Malia Home Bakery turns the classic chiffon cake into their own in their version of the Ube Chiffon Cake. It’s made with light and fluffy chiffon cake layered with luscious ube cream and thick ube halaya. A 6-inch cake goes for PHP 750, while an 8-inch cake is PHP 950. They require at least a day of lead time before you can pick up your goodies from Tuesdays to Sundays.


Ube Tres Leches

Contact: Facebook, Instagram, 0916 221 5538

Love your desserts a bit more creamier than usual? Go with a tres leches cake, which is soaked in three different kinds of milk for the maximum creaminess. The Ube Tres Leches by Simply Pastries by Sidney is the way to go for an elegant, Very Peri-like 2022!


Ube Cheesecake Swirl

Location: New Manila, Quezon City
Contact: Facebook, Instagram, 0917 837 3594 / 0917 879 7177

If you’re a big fan of cheesecakes, then The Tartoise’s Ube Cheesecake Swirl is the Very Peri-like dessert for you this year. With unique swirls for every order, this half-ube half-cheese delicacy has a surprising twist in every bite. The Tartoise asks for 1 to 2 days of lead time for cake orders, so make sure to place your order early!


Ube Brazo Cupcakes

Location: Alabang, Muntinlupa
Contact: Facebook, Instagram

Brazo PH specializes in all sorts of brazo cakes — from the classic to chocolate and of course, ube! The Ube Frozen Brazo is one of their best sellers, and it’s made of layers of thick graham crust, luscious ube ice cream, sweet ube custard, fluffy meringue, and ube powder. And if a cake is too big, you can always get the mini version in the form of their Ube Brazo Cupcakes (though it doesn’t have the ice cream). Plus, that ube powder sprinkled on top looks pretty close to the shade of Very Peri, doesn’t it? A box of Ube Brazo Cupcakes is PHP 300, while a tin can of Ube Frozen Brazo is PHP 550. Brazo PH accepts orders weekly with cut-offs on Wednesdays and pick-ups on Saturdays.


Ube Macapuno Overload Buns

Contact: Facebook, Instagram

What’s the best pair with ube? Macapuno, of course! The Sweetest Cinn combines this perfect pair together in their best-selling Ube Macapuno Overload rolls. The fluffy ube bread is made with their signature ube halaya and topped with cream cheese frosting. A box of Ube Macapuno Overload is PHP 720.


Ube Panna Cotta Champorado

Location: Dangal Residences, Bacood, Sta. Mesa
Contact: Facebook, Instagram, 0917 581 1223

For those who want something a little more ube-y for breakfast, this unique champorado from Indulge by Daisy Marie is a good step-up from your usual breakfast picks. This treat is made of ube champorado topped with panna cotta and sprinkled with ube cake crumbs for a creamier and more ube-y dish. A 1-liter bucket goes for PHP 450.


Cold/Hot Taro Sago

Location: 174 Alfonso XIII, Manila, Metro Manila
Contact: Facebook, Instagram, 8477 8528, 8477 8018, 8477 8322, 0917 880 0203, 0925 580 0203

Take sago to the next level! The Creamery Catering offers Taro Sago in two options: hot or cold. It’s made of creamy ube milk and small tapioca pearls. The difference between the two (aside from the temperature!) is that the Cold Taro Sago is smoother and creamier than the Hot version, and it also has buko strips. Hot Taro Sago is PHP 480, while Cold Taro Sago goes for PHP 490. The Creamery Catering requires at least 2 days of lead time to


Ube Jalea

Contact: Facebook, Instagram, 0906 270 3216

If you’re a fan of bread and spreads, you should check out this ube jam from Laguna Bakers. Their Ube Jalea is a good alternative for the Good Shepherd’s classic ube jam. It’s thick and sweet and very ube-y! A bottle costs PHP 250.

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