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By Danielle Faye Dimas


Aside from marking the start of the Christmas countdown, the month of September also welcomes the Mid-Autumn Festival — a significant event that many Filipino-Chinese families honor. It is also a lunar festival which is celebrated on the first day of the full moon, which falls on September 13 this 2019.

Also known as the Mooncake Festival, the celebration is observed with the preparation, gift-giving and consumption of mooncakes, made out of thin cake dough filled with a sweet block of egg yolks, sugar, and lard. These stuffed pastries are more than just food; they have a sacred symbolism of thanksgiving and family togetherness, with mooncakes eaten in small slices and shared with the family. Modern traditions include giving mooncakes to friends and relative for well wishes.

While the traditional mooncake fillings include lotus, red bean, chocolate, and taro, nowadays, one can find many mooncake varieties, each made more interesting with new flavors and presentations.

Here are some of the creative, modern-style mooncake flavors and of course, where to find them in Metro Manila:

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