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by Meryl Medel

Ube and leche flan — two of the most Pinoy desserts ever. They’re both good on their own: ube is smooth and mildly sweet, while leche flan is creamy and soft and silky and often tooth-rotting sweet. But when you combine them together, they make a heavenly pair. (Just think about how good a cup of halo-halo is whenever they’re both present!) So it comes as no surprise that a cake combining these two Pinoy favorites are gaining popularity. These ube leche flan cakes or ube custard cakes usually have an ube base topped with a leche flan layer, combining the best of both worlds to create the ultimate Pinoy dessert, and here’s where you can get them.


Premium Cream Cakes

Located in Parañaque, this home-based business specializes in ube leche flan cakes. They mostly only accept pre-orders, and you can ask them to put a dedication on top of the leche flan layer. They also offer vanilla leche flan cakes for variety. Order yours via Instagram now.


Madel’s Patisserie

Simple and straightforward, this ube custard cake from Madel’s Patisserie gives you the best of both worlds in its simplest form: a soft ube cake base and a creamy leche flan on top. Order yours via Instagram now.


Kenji’s Cafe


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This ube custard cake from Kenji’s Cafe comes not only in the usual circular cake shape, but also in this heart-shaped cake or the smaller cupcake ones if you want it in bite-sized goodness. They also have ube cheese pandesal and leche flan donuts on the menu. Order yours via Instagram now.




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Jasmin’s is a small dessert shop owned by 22-year-old Jasmin who opened her business after losing her hotel job. She specializes in her best-selling ube custard cake, made of 5 layers: ube chiffon cake, vanilla custard, leche flan, toasted pinipig, and some whipped cream. It comes in either a 6″ or 8”round tin can. They also offer cashew-crusted mango torte if you want to try other varieties. Order yours via Instagram now.

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The Sweet Life by Ange


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Makati-based luxury online dessert business The Sweet Life by Ange offers you this Ube Tres Leches Leche Flan Cake for triple the creamy milky goodness. It has two layers of ube tres leches sandwiching silky smooth leche flan in between them to create a creamy dreamy ube getaway. Order yours via their website now.


Gracia’s Sweet Creations


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Instead of slapping one whole leche flan layer over the ube cake base, Cavite-based Gracia’s Sweet Creations bakes the leche flan, slices them into cubes, and tops them over the ube velvet cake with special frosting. It’s making our mouths water honestly. Order yours via Instagram now.


Red Lotus Patisserie

Red Lotus Patisserie puts a little bit more magic in your usual ube custard cake with the addition of macapuno. The ube cake base sandwiches the custard behind a curtain of frosting which is then topped by a generous helping of macapuno. Reminds us of halo-halo, but in cake form! Order yours via Instagram now.


Sweet Creations by Lyka

This pretty purple cake from Sweet Creations by Lyka is made of layers of ube chiffon filled with ube halaya and sandwiching a leche flan in the center and then frosted with ube whipped cream. It’s an absolute purple yam heaven. Order yours via Instagram now.


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