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By Rosseadelle Ganayo

Leftover tomato sauce occupying space in your fridge? Avoid spending more and make the most out of your pantry — turn normal dishes sensational with the simple addition of tomato sauce.

Bangus Sardines

Create your very own sardines using your favorite fish – with total control with what goes in it. Healthy!


Can’t decide whether to serve pizza or spaghetti at a get-together? Be saucy and combine both into one, tasty, filling baked surprise.

Saluyot Pasta with Sardine Sauce

The flavors in this dish coats your tongue so refreshingly that you won’t even mind making your own pasta and hiding some vegetables in it.


Sardine Lasagna

Who says sardines can’t be fancy? Easily impress your friends for less with this Sardine Lasagna. Also, learn how to make anything into lasagna with this recipe as a guide.

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