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From McDonald’s and Burger King to 8Cuts and Shake Shack, there are now a lot of burger joints in the country. But for some Filipinos, Tropical Hut is still the OG burger joint in the country, as proven when the fast-food chain trended online, showing how well-loved the brand still is.

According to its company profile on Jobstreet, the fast-food chain found its beginnings in 1962 as a grocery store. The said grocery store had an in-house coffee shop where the Tropical Hut Hamburger was first served. A decade later, in 1972, the fast-food chain was acquired by the Mercury Group of Companies, Inc., founded by Mariano Que. This year, the brand is celebrating 60 years in business.

Tropical Hut has been around for a long time, and it has survived all these years unlike other fast food brands, but why exactly is it getting attention online now?


The tweet that started it all

On Sunday, Twitter user dumidyeypee shared photos of his burger and fries combo order from the Escolta branch of Tropical Hut. “Ako lang ang customer nila,” his tweet read. It quickly gained traction on the internet, with the original gaining over 5,000 retweets and 26,000 likes as of writing.


Nostalgia hits

A number of netizens waxed nostalgic about the fast-food restaurant, proving that it was a go-to restaurant for many Filipino families. Tropical Hut is definitely “an underrated king,” as one netizen says.

Many shared how they went to the fast-food restaurant with their parents or grandparents and how they even played on the mini carousels and playgrounds some branches had before.

Other netizens vouched for their food quality.


There’s a call to revive and revamp

Netizens also called for others to support and revive the fast-food chain. The brand holds a lot of memories for many Filipinos, as proven when it trended online.

For some, Tropical Hut just needs a “rebrand” to attract a new set of customers.


But others think it’s charming

For other netizens, part of the charm of the fast-food chain is its vintage interior that seems to take you back in time. It might not be Instagram-worthy for others, but some appreciate the retro vibe of the restaurant’s interiors.


Some beef in one corner of the internet

The internet wouldn’t be the internet if someone didn’t have an opposing view to anything happening online — even if it’s an innocent appreciation of a fast-food chain. One netizen asked the general public: “don’t gentrify or bourgeoisify Tropical Hut.”

While it’s unclear where the sentiment was coming from, those who simply want to share how much they appreciate the fast-food chain and its food just said that “it’s not that deep.” Maybe let’s allow people to enjoy the simple things in life.


Employees are happy

Regardless of the minor beef, employees of the fast-food chain are happy that the fast-food chain is getting the much-deserved attention from Filipinos. This netizen said the quality test that the brand’s menu and products go through definitely allows you to get your money’s worth.


A flood of orders

After Tropical Hut trended online, many netizens quickly showed support for the homegrown fast-food chain through dining in, getting delivery, and sharing their orders online.

Turn your tweet into action and support the brand.

Good snack when you need to study late at night.

Everything’s sulit.

Did the trend make you do it too?


Support the brand

Whether you enjoyed their food during your childhood or you simply want to try their wide range of offerings following this throwback trend, you can show your support for the local brand. Visit any of their branches across the metro, or place an order for delivery. They even have branches open 24 hours!

Do you have any memorable moment in this fast food brand? What about a favorite menu item? Share them with us!

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This article was republished with permission from 8List.ph. Minor edits have been made for Bitesized.ph.

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