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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Have you thought of what you’ll be giving loved ones this V-day? Every time February rolls around, you can clearly see the effort everyone puts into giving the most thoughtful gifts to their loved ones. Whether that’s in the form of a romantic gesture, flowers, cute stuffed animals, or the most romantic of them all—chocolate.

However, some people still need help in finding the best gifts. Have you ever given a gift that fell short? And your loved one’s unique reaction says it all? Toblerone’s new film shows similar situations with funny reactions from their loved ones. Watch it here:

So what should a clueless gift-giver do to make sure their loved ones have a Valentine’s Day to remember?

Introducing, the Limited Edition Toblerone Valentine’s Day Pack, the most thoughtful gift you can give this love month. With its rich delicious Swiss chocolate taste, it’s the perfect sweet treat you can gift!

And to help you give something more thoughtful, the Toblerone Valentine’s Day pack comes with a blank pack feature where you can write a personalized greeting. Even better, it has a special QR code function where you can record a video message to your loved one!

The whole thing is so easy to set up. After purchasing a Toblerone Valentine’s Pack, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Tear the right side of the blank pack panel.
  2. Scan the QR code on the back and it’ll lead you to the Toblerone Chatbot.
  3. Upload your video message for your loved one.
  4. Write the unique code on the blank pack.

Once done, gift your Toblerone Pack to your loved one so they can scan the same QR code, and watch your personalized video message.

Aside from their special Valentine’s Pack, Toblerone’s campaign will also have love guru Lucky Manzano on board with them to help all of you with all your love issues, queries, and other things that have been weighing on your mind this love month.


Don’t make your loved ones settle for less. Show how much you appreciate them and #BeMoreThoughtful with a Toblerone Valentine’s pack and their very own personalized video message.


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