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Do you remember when manong ice cream would peddle frozen treats during hot summer afternoons? Aside from the fruit-based ice pops and assorted ice creams, one of the most familiar items would be the creamy iced buko with munggo.

The top part would be speckled with tender red mung beans while the frozen buko gave a much-needed, cool respite from the heat. While the younger generation would opt for much-popular flavors, the older ones would appreciate this classic dessert. The folks at Frozen Spoon must love it so much that they made a cooler version of the local frozen dessert.


Frozen Spoon’s Buko Munggo Ice Cream describes its take on the classic Pinoy frozen treat as “the perfect blend of Pinoy pride flavor and creamy goodness.” Made with all-natural ingredients, we could imagine this version would have copious amounts of sweetened red beans scattered all over creamy buko ice cream. With this fresh take on an old classic, it’s great to know that a new generation of ice cream lovers would get to know the nostalgic flavors of this underrated frozen treat.

For orders, visit the Minatamis Store at 23. D. Tuazon, Quezon City or message the MinatamisPH IG.

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