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By Mandy Decena

Let the flavors of your dishes fly with winged beans! We all know this vegetable growing around the little Bahay Kubo. But do cook with it a lot? Here are some recipes that are as easy as they are healthy and delicious. 

Sinigang na Tilapia sa Dilaw

Here’s a version of our favorite Filipino stew that’s both healthy and delicious. With ingredients like sigarilyas labanos, and mustasa, you’d think it’s something you can taste in the song Bahay Kubo.

Gising Gising Fried Rice

Start your morning right with this delicious fried rice recipe. It’s made creamy by adding the famous coconut milk sigarilyas stew.

Kuhol Gising Gising

Don’t be scared to step out of that shell and try new things for your Gising-Gising. Skip the usual meat and add in these golden apple snails for a taste worth a golden star.


Steer clear from the typical style of cooking Pinakbet and bake your way to the top. This local medley of all things healthy will surely be everyone’s bet for dinner.


Featured image from Hafiz Issadeen from Flickr.com (CC BY 2.0)

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