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We’ve seen a lot of food trends during this quarantine period — from the dalgona coffee, ube cheese pandesal, milky cheese donuts, basque burnt cheesecake, Korean minimalist cake, Korean cream cheese garlic bread, cloud bread, and of course, the sushi bake. This baked dish in a tray is so yummy and convenient to eat that it has been a fixture in a lot of online food shops. So it’s no wonder people have experimented with it using other ingredients. Would you try these other twists to this quarantine’s baked tray trend?


Baked Samgyupsal


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Before the community quarantine started, Korean BBQ restaurants were booming. But after everyone was forced to stay home, people can only dream of eat-all-you-can samgyupsal, or at the very least, just settle with some meat on a makeshift grill at home. Which makes this baked tray full of grilled meat, rice, kimchi and cheese sauce even more of a treat. Read here to see where you can order baked samgyup: Introducing Baked Samgyup, the New Talk of the Town — Here’s Where to Order


Kaldereta Bake


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If you want a Pinoy twist to the baked tray craze, why not try this Baked Cheesy Kaldereta? At the bottom is the classic savory kaldereta. Then it’s followed by a layer of creamy mashed potato, and then topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. You can get this savory treat from Burp starting at an affordable price of PHP 200.


Sisig Bake


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Another Pinoy classic turned into a sushi bake-inspired tray, the sisig bake is filled with pig head meat, onions, and chili peppers drizzled with calamansi juice and topped with cheese and a sunny-side up egg for that full sisig experience. You can order a pan from Mamers Kitchen for PHP 400 (regular) and PHP 700 (large).


Takoyaki Bake


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Here’s another Japanese dish baked in a tray. Instead of the specially molded pan, all the ingredients of the takoyaki (octopus, cabbage, takoyaki sauce, but sans the batter, of course) are dumped into a tray full of rice to create a sort of fried rice that is layered with a mix of kani strips, mayo, and cheese and sprinkled with bonito flakes. You can get a pan from The Kitchen MNL for PHP 600 (small) and PHP 1,000 (medium).