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What makes strawberry cakes so endearing to eat during Valentine’s Day? Is it the ripe strawberries echoing the red rich vibe and decor put up in celebration of the season? Does the perfect combination of strawberries and cream help recall those sweet, kilig moments? Whatever the reason, this heavenly cake is a sure delight to have, to eat, and to behold whenever February 14 arrives or even after Valentine’s Day. Here’s our list of Strawberry Shortcakes you should definitely try.



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Honeybon’s Valentine’s offering is a stunner. Their Sweet Hearts series includes a heart-shaped Strawberry Fields Shortcake that has three pillowy cake layers alternating with light whipped cream plus fresh slices of strawberry halves on top. What’s also nice is that you can still have it if you’re planning to have it post Valentine celebration since it’s one of their signature cakes though it’ll come in its original round form. Best to preorder this gorgeous treat.

For orders, visit honeybon.ph


One of Cara Mia’s seasonal bestsellers is its Strawberry Shortcake. It’s pretty in pink all around and crowned with big strawberries and double dollops of whipped cream on top. Every layer of sweet chiffon cake is spread with a delicious strawberry icing that’s generously mixed with strawberry slices. It’s one of their seasonal offerings so best to try it when it’s available!

For orders, visit caramia-ph.myshopify.com

Aby’s Homemade

Let’s just say that Aby’s Strawberry Shortcake Overload is perfect for those who love to have a piece of fresh strawberries with every cake bite. Every inch of the cake is dotted with ripe strawberries plus streaks of edible gold for a touch of decadence. This is actually just one of the many strawberry shortcakes the pretty baker can do since her specialty really is customized cakes. Let’s just say if you want a strawberry shortcake that can dazzle, delight, and deliver in taste then order from Aby’s.

For orders, visit their Facebook page and Instagram

Sainte Anne Cakes Manila

Sainte Anne’s Cakes are made in small batches meaning all are carefully made in limited numbers and with high-quality, all-natural ingredients. For their Valentine’s offering, they made Sainte Anne’s Strawberry Heart, a romantic heart-shaped two-layer shortcake garnished with strawberry slices and sugar daisy. Enjoy it after indulging in a nice romantic dinner.

For orders, visit their Facebook page and Instagram



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Nono’s Strawberry Shortcake may be void of the usual fresh strawberry toppings but that’s because the goodness is spread all around through its thick strawberry cream icing. This three-layered fluffy pink confection is available in different sizes but if it’s only going to be for two or just you, then pick the Mini Sylvia’s Strawberry Shortcake.

For orders, visit https://www.nonos.ph/


Ah yes, Vizco’s the famous Baguio-based Cafe that became a sensation thanks to its delicious Strawberry Shortcake. Of course, it has to be on our list! Imagine, every unforgettable Baguio memory embedded in every section of their cake—from the tangy whipped cream mixed with strawberry chunks, soft pillowy pink chiffon and that signature strawberry-glazed topping. If you can’t go to Baguio on Valentine’s Day then have a taste of it through Vizco’s bestselling cake.

For details on how to order, visit their Facebook page and Instagram

Cakes by Miriam

Looking for a strawberry shortcake that can easily feed the girlkada at your galentine’s party? Then the selection of Cakes by Miriam is perfect for you. Enjoy soft vanilla sponge cake filled with fresh strawberry filling and iced all over with slightly sweetened whipped cream. Their strawberry shortcake options are also at least 9-inches in size so the girls can even bring home slices!

For orders, visit their Facebook page and Instagram

Purple Oven

Purple Oven’s Strawberry Kisses is a sublime masterpiece. Simple to look at but visually appealing at the same time—it’s like teasing you to cut a bigger piece so you can satisfy your strawberry shortcake craving. The chiffon layers are light and heavenly while the French cream used is infused with fresh Baguio strawberries. Best to call beforehand if you plan to order it but if you happen to feel lucky then go to a Purple Oven branch and look for the light pink cake.

For orders, visit their Facebook page and Instagram

Fraiche Patisserie

A feast for the eyes and the tastebuds, Fraiche Patisserie’s Strawberry Chantilly Cake is a dazzling treat made with quality ingredients. Think alternating layers of airy pink sponge cake and thick luscious strawberry compote that’s coated with a thick cloud of rich chantilly cream and finished off with fresh slices of strawberries. It’s 10-inches wide so it’s good for sharing but we completely understand if you want to keep it all to yourself. You know, self-love.

For orders, visit their Facebook page and Instagram


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