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By Mandy Decena

The week had been quite wet and gloomy but we can’t let that stop us from enjoying a hearty snack. Keep your merienda fun this week with these yummy glutinous rice recipes.

Ube Suman

Bored of the same old way of cooking Suman? Add more color and flavor to this good ol’ Filipino-style rice cake by mixing in some ube with this sweet concoction of glutinous rice and coconut milk.

Buko Pandan Suman

Double the fun by combining everyone’s favorite coconut salad with Suman. This Filipino dessert combo will surely make your merienda extra satisfying.


Choco Biko

Who said that chocolates can never work with rice? Prove them wrong by serving this delightful choco-flavored rice cake that can make your sweet tooth crave for more.

Ube Biko

How do you take your Biko to the next level? Skip the old latik and add in more color to this kalamay dish by topping it with yummy ube yam and cheese.


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