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by Danielle Faye Dimas

Cake Studio started out in 2015 as Antonette’s Sweet Gallery, a small, home-based cake business located in Silang, Cavite. It earned its big break when it was featured by KrisTV in 2015 (Watch full video here).

Powered by positive reviews  from satisfied clients through the years, Cake Studio is now one of the most trusted wedding cakes and pastries suppliers in Tagaytay Metro. Owner and Pastry Chef Nadine Dimas shared with us Cake Studio’s core strengths and of course, their best-sellers!


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Traditional ‘Baking’


Cake Studio was first recognized for their delectable hand-painted cakes, but it was their moist and flavorful cake base, which separated them from other cake companies. “We don’t use ovens to bake our cakes,” Chef Nadine shared. “We uphold the traditional way that’s why we steam our cakes.”. The use of huge steamers aside from electric ovens keep their cakes moist and rich in flavor. “Actually, this is not our secret,” she said. “We openly and proudly share how we steam our cakes, because the ultimate secret still, is in our recipe.”

Local Flavors

While it has become more convenient to use imported pre-mixed batters available in the market, Chef Nadine shared how important it is for Cake Studio to use only the freshest ingredients in their kitchen. Even for their chocolate frosting, they always use locally produced dark chocolate. “Believe me when I say that I’ve tried so hard to find the best local cocoa to use in our chocolate cake recipe,” she said. “People kept asking about it whenever we conduct cake tasting events.”


Moreover, Chef Nadine shared how her experimental lemon cake became her personal favorite. “I and my team were thinking of introducing a new cake flavor to our market, so we tried to experiment with recipes [using] every ingredient we have around,” she shared. “Initially, the lemons in our kitchen were for our cheesecake bars – who knew they would be the star ingredient for our best-seller?” she added. Cake Studio’s lemon cakes, oozing with the right sweet and zesty kick, are made with fresh, local lemons from the market.



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Apart from their amazing cakes, Cake Studio boasts of their delicious fruit tarts. One of them is the mango custard tart made with their very own egg yolk custard filling, topped with fresh picked local mangoes.

Home-baked Goodness

In the year 2018, Cake Studio launched their Sumptuous Grazing Table featuring their home-made pastries. Chef Nadine proudly shared how they kept all of their products home-made, without having to outsource products from other companies or pastry lines.


They produce all of their biscuit tarts, cheesecakes, brownies, and doughnuts within their own kitchen. “My team improved through the years,” Chef Nadine said. “They became bakers who knew how to make cakes and pastries from the initial step, to the last.” Chef Nadine shared how their team strives to always produce pastries with home-baked goodness in every bite.

What’s New?

This season, they’ll be launching an all-Filipino Grazing Table filled with our favorite Pinoy kakanins, made perfect for those who want their celebrations to be enriched by our amazing kutsinta, sapin-sapin, biko, puto, pichi-pichi, palitaw, and so much more!


For inquiries and bookings, visit their Facebook Page, or contact them at 09953448346 or email at  [email protected]


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