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Chef Laetitia is an award-winning pastry chef who began her career at Les Compagnon de Devoir et du Tour de France. She practiced her passion for pastry arts in several cities around the globe working for the likes of La Grande Epicerie de Paris and Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie. She now finds herself in Manila as Enderun’s Executive Pastry Chef for all of the school’s pastry programs.

Join the upcoming Diploma in Pastry Arts starting this September 4 at Enderun!

Want to try Chef Laetitia’s awesome Comme Un Tiramisu for 2? Here’s the recipe from the chef herself:


Coffee Biscuit:
18 g of Cream
0.6 g of Instant Coffee
44 g of Eggs
12 g of Inverted Sugar
18 g of Sugar
6 g of Almond Powder
19 g of Flour
0.5 g of Salt
1.2 g of Baking Powder
12 g of Butter

Coffee Praline Crunchy:
74 g of Praline
37 g of Feuilletine
2 g of Instant Coffee
37 g of White Chocolate

Milk Chocolate-Coffee Ganache Montée:
42 g of Cream (N°1)
1.75 g of Instant Coffee
4.5 g of Glucose
4.5 g of Inverted Sugar
67 g of Milk Chocolate
4.5 g of Cocoa Butter
100 g of Cream (N°2)
28 g of Coffee Beans

Vanilla-Mascarpone Ganache Montée:
75 g of Milk
10 g of Inverted Sugar
10 g of Glucose
56 g of White Chocolate
71 g of Cream
94 g of Mascarpone
0.5 pièce of Vanilla Bean

Milk Chocolate Sauce:
200 g of Milk Chocolate
350 g of Neutral Oil


Coffee Biscuit:
1. Warm up the cream to 50°C and add the instant coffee inside to dissolve it.
2. Mix all the dry ingredients together.
3. Little by little, add eggs already mixed with inverted sugar to the dry ingredients. Mix in the cream coffee. At the end, add the butter melted to 50°c.
4. Make into biscuits and cook at 180°c for 10 minutes.

Coffee Praline Crunchy:
1. Melt the chocolate at 45°c and add the instant coffee to the chocolate. Mix together to dissolve the instant coffee.
2. Add the praline and finish with the feuilletine.
3. Spread the mixture on the top of Coffee Biscuit. Freeze it.

Milk Chocolate-Coffee Ganache Montée:
1. Roast the coffee beans.
2. Make an infusion for 1 hour between the cream N°2 and the roasted coffee beans.
3. Drain beans and keep the cream in the fridge.
4. Warm up the cream N°1, dissolve the instant coffee inside. Add glucose and inverted sugar and warm it up again to 85°C.
5. Pour it on the top of milk chocolate and cocoa butter to create a ganache.
6. When the ganache is shiny, add the cold cream N°2, and blend it with a hand-mixer.
7. Keep it cooled for 12 hours at 4°c.

Vanilla-Mascarpone Ganache Montée:
1. Warm up the milk in a pan with the inverted sugar, the glucose, and the vanilla bean.
2. Pour it on the top of white chocolate to make a ganache.
3. Add the cold cream and the mascarpone. Mix with the hand-blender.
4. Keep it cooled for 12 hours at 4°c.

Milk Chocolate Sauce:
1. Melt the milk chocolate and add the neutral oil. Mix.
2.Serve the biscuits with the ganaches and the sauce.

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