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For many, SPAM® is beloved comfort food. It can be eaten any time of day— thick pan-fried cuts for a quick silog breakfast, cut it up to thin pieces then deep fry to make chips for a fun merienda, or even a satisfying midnight snack included in a loaded budae jiggae (Korean army stew). Some people even add bits of SPAM® onto desserts!

On occasion, SPAM® releases variants of their canned meat like SPAM® with cheese, SPAM® with Chorizo, and SPAM® Turkey. One of the unique flavors that have us Filipinos in awe is the SPAM® Tocino. It brilliantly combines the salty-savory flavors of SPAM® with the sweet & meaty goodness of our local tocino The flavor became so elusive that people would sometimes question if it even existed! But since SPAM® is so well-loved in our country, the people behind the brand brought back the Pinoy flavored-SPAM® into the market.


Filipino food personalities like Erwan Huessaff and Ninong Ry even gave a sneak peek of the elusive SPAM® flavor’s return in one of the brand’s post.


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Local food influencers have been announcing its return as well by cooking their own delicious takes to celebrate the return of SPAM® Tocino with dishes like, Flying Saucer SPAM® Tocino Pizza by the @thebadbakerph, Kimchi Soup using SPAM® Tocino by @chammyfuds_08, Spicy Stir-fried Noodles with SPAM® Tocino by @belleskitchenph, and SPAM®Tocino Sisig by @abigailfmarquez.


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What dishes would you make with your SPAM® Tocino? Let us know! You can also try these BiteSized recipes made with SPAM®!

SPAM® Tocino is currently available in leading supermarkets. For direct orders, you can order from Lazada and Shoppee. Follow SPAM® on Facebook and Instagram.   

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