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One of the best ways to remedy gloomy rainy days is with a hot meal. We’re talking about heartwarming, soul-soothing, hearty soups to enjoy while downpour season is happening. Thank goodness Max’s Restaurant, the iconic Filipino restaurant chain famous for its Sarap-to-the-Bones® Fried Chicken, knows how to cure those rainy-day blues.

Introducing Max’s Solo Meals, you can choose from five flavorful and sulit soup meals. Each order comes with rice, viands, and a Caramel Bar®. Choose from these delectable soupy savories:

Sinigang na Tiyan ng Bangus: The signature Pinoy tamarind-based soup composed of milkfish and a mix of vegetables in a sour and savory base. Customers can also choose the version with miso for more mouth-watering umami.

Sinigang na Baboy: An all-time favorite soup composed of tender pork cuts and a mix of vegetables in a sour tamarind broth. It’s enjoyed both on ordinary days or special occasions.

Sinigang na Hipon: A hearty soup made with sumptuous shrimps, a variety of vegetables, in a sour tamarind broth. This is an absolute treat for all shrimp lovers.

Nilagang Baka: A locally-loved soup dish made with chunks of beef, cabbage, string beans, potatoes, and corn. It’s the ultimate comfort food that never fails to bring warmth. It’s served with patis, calamansi, and siling labuyo.

Pocherong Baka: Classic Filipino tomato-based soup composed of beef chunks, fresh potatoes, saba, corn, and green vegetables. It comes with patis, calamansi, and siling labuyo.

Customers can just add 139Php for Sinigang or 159Php for Nilagang Baka or Pochero when they dine in. This month, Max’s also just added Pocherong Baka on the menu, which is perfect for cozy days. This flavorful soup is a fusion of Pocherong Bisaya and Pocherong Tagalog cooked the Max’s way. Each sip gives that warm feeling just right for rainy days or any time craving hits. One order is already good for sharing and priced at only 759 Php (dine-in).

To enjoy these new offers, visit delivery.maxchicken.com or call 888-79000 (Metro Manila). These are available for dine-in, take-out, and delivery in all stores nationwide.

For more information, visit the official Facebook page at @MaxsRestaurant and use the hashtag #EveryDayToTheMax.

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