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by Rosseadelle Ganayo

More than a year into this pandemic and so much has changed. Faces are hidden, temperatures checked, and a lot of our favorite food establishments have posted lengthy posts announcing their closure over social media. With everything that’s happening and changing, we’ve all needed the comfort and happiness that a good meal can bring and we have the food industry to thank for still making it available in these trying times.

However, the food business owners have not done that so easily. With last-minute announcements on dining arrangements, constantly changing protocols, and a steady rise in cases continuing. It’s been a real struggle for them and it seems as if returning to pre-pandemic dining is still far off in the future.

For keeping our spirits high and our tummies full when we needed it, the least we can do is to return that support to our food heroes. Let’s give as much support as we can so they too can continue surviving through the pandemic. Here are a few small ways you can show them your support and gratitude!


Include ordering deliveries into your budget

If you can, add deliveries and sudden food cravings into your weekly budget. Every dish ordered contributes to sales, no matter how small so keep an open mind towards ordering when you’re either craving something or too lazy to cook. Business owners will surely appreciate it!

Order direct and book direct

It’s really as simple as placing an order with your preferred vendor! If there’s the option of ordering directly on their business page, number, or website, go for it. A lot of food delivery apps take about 30% of the restaurant’s revenue and they actually lose money just for promotion. That’s why if you notice, your usual orders seem to get more expensive on the food apps compared to ordering in-store.

Post, rate, and recommend

We all know the power of social media; it can make or break a food business, especially for the SMEs in a day. So practicing the proper etiquette with order concerns is a big help. Sending them a message and being patient about their processes allow the business to learn and grow to better serve you and others in the future! In addition to that, practicing your inner foodie influencer by posting a great pic online with a glowing review tagged to their official pages is a great help!


Support the resellers too

Resellers expand the reach of small businesses beyond their original area of delivery so they help get the food to the people that want them but initially can’t get it! Resellers are a great way for customers to order without having to worry about meeting the minimum order requirement for delivery and can enjoy a lower delivery fee. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership for the business and reseller dedicated to connecting us to good food!


Tip the riders when you can

Without our riders, the food you ordered may not even get to you! Riders sacrifice a great deal to make sure you get a hot, tasty meal. They travel long distances, tolerate all kinds of weather, and even strange work hours to accommodate the cravings that hit us at odd hours. So, if your situation allows, give them a tip, to thank them and compensate for their time, and even gas money that some have to take from their own pockets. Nothing feels better than seeing a genuine smile on their faces!

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