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By Rosseadelle Ganayo


The cold gloomy days of the monsoon is still here! As a result, a pick-me-up is an essential to get through the week. Forget “cuddle weather” and embrace Ramen weather. Give your rainy day comfort food a Pinoy twist by turning your favorite ulam into these delicious Filipino-Style ramen recipes!



Lechon Ramen

Lechon Paksiw is not the only thing you can make with your leftover lechon! Enjoy lechon in another form no matter what the weather is.




Asado Pork Chop Ramen

Embrace the flexibility of Pinoy cuisine by making this melting pot ramen of three origins: Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. Bring these flavors together into one bowl of pork noodles.




Pares Ramen

You already know about the pares mami that the kariton sells, so why not make your own upgraded version by turning it into ramen?



Dinuguan Ramen with Bagnet

A thick savory soup with just the right hint of tart? Dinuguan as a ramen is perfect for those days you want something a little more filling because you can dip siopao into that thick soup after you finish the noodles. See how versatile Dinuguan can actually be with this recipe.

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