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When it comes to love matters, do you have unresolved issues? Need a matinong boyfriend or girlfriend? Desperate for some closure? This Valentine’s season, Sebastian’s Ice Cream is bringing back its witty yet incredibly delightful Valentine’s Ice Cream collection with flavors inspired by many heartbreaks and relationship problems.

For those recovering from a heartbreak, have your fill of Sebastian’s best-selling sawi flavors:

UNRESOLVED ISSUES (Php 405/pint) – Bitter flavors to make you feel better after a breakup.


CLOSURE (Php 405/pint) – Confused why the relationship ended without any explanation? This ice cream gets it.


MATINONG BOYFRIEND (Php 435/pint) – Let this “boyfriend” indulge you instead.


MATINONG GIRLFRIEND (Php 435/pint) – The “girlfriend” you can introduce to your parents


For those in love though, Sebastian’s made treats for you this year. In the spirit of equality, they released two new flavors:

STRAWBERRY KISSES (Php 260/14 pcs) – You can also enjoy this while playing “he loves me, he loves me not”.

CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM CAKE (Php 155/slice, Php 1,650/whole)- A decadent treat to enjoy with or without an S.O.


Have your fill of Sebastian’s Valentine Ice Cream Collection this Valentine’s season! You can order online here or visit their flagship store on the 5th floor  The Podium mall in Ortigas.

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