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Inari Sukiyaki have arrived! And very soon, their flavorful bowls will be served and simmering right in front of you.

USDA Angus Ribeye Sukiyaki Bowl

Welcome to the first-ever Sukiyaki Bar in the Philippines, where a seat (or two) awaits Japanese food lovers in the country!  As customers enter their premises, they will be ushered to take a seat at Inari’s customized, rounded bar space. This unique and intimate set-up offers an exciting dining experience as diners get to watch talented chefs cook specialty bowls in front of their guests. So how did Inari Sukiyaki start? Read about their origin story below.


Mythical Beginnings, Rural Inspirations

Inari’s brand story is as rich as it’s signature dish. It starts..”nestled in the heart of Japan, in a far away town, is a place known for its simmering bowls of premium beef and fresh vegetables. A place where seats are never emptied, and smoke and hearty steam never leave its walls. Legend says that Inari himself, the God of Rice, had blessed the Sukiyaki place with his abundance and flavor—ensuring each and every bowl served is packed with meaty tenderness and filling broth, nourishing both the body and soul.”

In a more realistic backstory, owners Maxine and Rich Sanz where inspired by a sukiyaki experience they had during a trip to a rural part in Japan. Compared to the soup-y sukiyaki most Filipinos has had the experience of eating, the Kansai-style sukiyaki is cooked dry where beef is cooked with a bit of marinating liquid then pan-fried till caramelized.  

As to what meat customers will get to indulge in, Inari Sukiyaki prepares nothing but premium beef—from USDA Angus Karubi, to the bestselling USDA Angus Misuji, and the most tender meat of them all— the USDA Angus Rib eye, Inari’s secret favorite.

USDA Angus Misuji Sukiyaki Bowl

In light of Inari’s vision for the well-rounded dining experience, their delicious small plates & rolls will definitely be something customers should  keep an extra eye and appetite out for. Starting from Ebi Tempura with two kinds of Caviar, the Spicy Tuna Roll with Sukiyaki Reduction, and Prawn Bisque Chawanmushi, which are just some of  Inari’s side dishes to go with a Sukiyaki bowl; all holding a promise to compliment each flavor deeply.

Spicy Tuna Roll with Sukiyaki Reduction

So, what about it? Are you ready for the whole Inari experience just yet? Better be! Visit the newly opened Inari Sukiyaki located in L4, Public Eatery at Robinsons Magnolia!

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