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by Angeli De Rivera

Don’t you just miss going out to a good Japanese restaurant and indulging in your sashimi and sushi cravings? There’s joy in preparing your soy sauce dip and putting in more wasabi that you can handle as the chef plates those fresh cuts of raw fish. And when that first slice touches your tongue just to melt in your mouth—oh bliss! Good thing we can now order copious amounts of high-grade raw fish from these ever-dependable sashimi and sushi online stores:


The Golden Catch PH

Their salmon cuts come all the way from Norway while their prized tuna cuts like otoro (fatty tuna) and chutoro (medium fatty tuna) as well as hamachi (Japanese amberjack) is sourced from Japan. Another must-try is their supreme oysters that come all the way from Ireland. Those who want to order from The Golden Catch though have to have a bit more patience than others. That’s because they exclusively airflow their goods in batches so orders are limited. What’s also a big deal for their loyal customers is that their items are never frozen making each sashimi-grade cut a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

For orders, visit their Facebook page and Instagram.


Sashimi To-Go


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This online store serves up the freshest sashimi-grade slices of tuna and salmon by the platter. But what sets them apart from other online stores is also their range of offerings that won’t overwhelm your budget. Aside from ordering premium baked pan sushi, they also offer assorted rolls, one of which is the inari, a simple yet filling sushi made up of seasoned rice stuffed in deep-fried tofu pockets. Another delectable nigiri option is the salmon aburi or flame-seared salmon with avocado, spring onions, and coated with savory kobayaki sauce.

For orders, visit their Facebook page and Instagram.


Santino’s Seafoods

One of the most convenient features about Santino’s is how they have their own in-house delivery service wherein you don’t need to rely on a 3rd party delivery partner to pick up you’re craving. Just fill in their order form (we’d go for their Ultimate Platter, which already includes salmon, tuna, spicy tuna, spicy salmon, and uni that’s good for 5-6 people), pay for your order after they send their confirmation, and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep. Not into sashimi? Then try their signature Kinilaw na Blue Marlin with Salted Egg that’s done equally well.

For orders, visit their Facebook page and Instagram.


Go Aburi Sushi

What we love about Go Aburi Sushi is that not only do they offer creative aburi rolls and maki, but they also have top-grade salmon sashimi. You get the best of both worlds actually—get to enjoy their selection of creative, over-the-top, and absolutely delicious aburi sushi plus unadulterated, never been frozen, and thick-sliced sashimi. To complete your Japanese mukbang experience indulge by ordering also their shrimp tempura platter.

For orders, visit their Facebook page and Instagram.


My Sushi.ph


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If you want your selection to be highly curated, assorted, and meticulously prepared then mysushi.ph should be your go-to sashimi and sushi online store. It’s like having your own Japanese bar being delivered to you with sashimi and sushi choices like nigiri (hand-pressed sushi), donburi (rice topping), sushi bakes, tataki (lightly seared), and classic rolls like California Maki, Philadelphia, Avocado, Dragon and Volcano. For a real treat order their sushi platter—it’s good for 2-3 persons but because it’s so pretty to eat you’d want to keep it all to yourself.

For orders, visit www.mysushi.ph.


JAAM Seafood Trading

This sashimi-specialty shop that’s located in Farmer’s Market in Cubao guarantees their products’ freshness as soon as it leaves their stall. They have a long list of options with regards to their sashimi-grade fish offerings but the most popular are their customizable party boat platters that are ideal for intimate gatherings. Think aburi rolls and makis or mixed sashimi, sushi, and dragon rolls brimming on a festive food boat for your celebratory table centerpiece. What’s also convenient is that they even offer a pasabay shopping list to complete your wet market needs.

For orders, visit their Facebook page and Instagram.




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Do you miss going all out for sashimi slices during hotel buffets? Sashimiscape is here to satisfy your endless craving for high-quality sashimi without hurting your wallet. They specialize in big quantity servings (300-gram trays to 1-kilogram platters) so you’d get your fill of your salmon and tuna slices (or both!). If that’s not enough, they also offer assorted premium cuts of salmon and tuna that you can prepare according to your preference as well as cooked savories like baked salmon, lechon belly, sushi bake, and shepherd’s pie plus sweets to round up your feast.

For orders, visit their Facebook page and Instagram.


Infinity Gourmet Foods

Infinity Gourmet Foods is out to spoil anyone who loves premium sashimi and sushi. Their customizable platters and gift boxes are a thrill to gaze at and indulge in, slowly we might add because they all look like works of art. For example, their Nijiko or Mosaic Sushi box set includes a beautiful selection of premium sashimi that’s been precisely sliced and prepared before being devoured. Another is their Mizaki, which translates to Beautiful Bloom is an array of premium sashimi, maki, aburi, and nigiri. For the true sashimi enthusiasts, go for the Omakase, which in loose meaning means “leave it to the chef.” This carefully curated box carries premium ingredients like otoro, chutoro, hamachi, ikura, uni, amaebi, and many more that are sure to impress when unboxed.  

For their complete menu send a DM to their Facebook page or Instagram.


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