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Makes about 10 servings
Preparation and cooking time: 2 hours


9 pieces eggs
¼ cup sugar
¾ tablespoon vanilla extract
1 cup (250g) flour
2 cups Milk, fresh
¼ cup butter, melted
Red food coloring , as needed
Green food coloring, as needed

1 cup soft red gulaman, cut into small squares
1 cup soft green gulaman, cut into small squares
1 cup cooked sago

Cream mixture:
½ cup hot water
⅔ cup dark brown sugar
1 teaspoon pandan flavoring
1 teaspoon vanilla flavoring
2 cups heavy whipping cream, chilled
¼ cup sugar

1 cup water
1 teaspoon pandan flavoring
1 cup brown sugar
½ corn syrup


1. In a bowl, combine eggs, sugar, vanilla extract, and flour then mix until thoroughly combined and smooth and lump free.
2. Mix in milk and butter until well combined and fully incorporated.
3. Divide mixture into 2 and add red food coloring to one half. Mix well until a deep pink color is achieved. Keep chilled. Add green food coloring to the remaining half of batter. Mix well until a deep green color is achieved. Keep chilled.
4. Using a non-stick pan lightly brushed with butter, cook thin crepes, brushing pan lightly with butter after each crepe. Repeat until all the batter is used up.
5. Trim the edges of the crepes and make uniform-sized disks. Set aside.
Cream Mixture:
1. Heat dark brown sugar in a pan until caramelized and melted.
2. Dissolve sugar completely in hot water. Reduce to a thin syrup. Set aside to cool. Add pandan and vanilla flavorings, mix well.
3. In a large cold bowl, add heavy whipping cream and half of the cooled syrup mixture. Whip on low until frothy before increasing speed to medium. Whip until soft peaks form.
4. Increase speed to high and whip until stiff peaks.

1. On a flat serving plate, spread a thin layer of the cream mixture. Place a red crepe on top. Spread an even layer of cream mixture on top. Repeat 2 more times.
2. Place a layer of red gulaman on the cream mixture and cover with more cream.
3. Place 3 layers of green crepe and cream mixture. Place a layer of green gulaman on the cream mixture and cover with more cream.
4. Repeat red crepe and gulaman layers, followed by green crepe and gulaman layers.
5. Finish with a final 3 layers of red crepes.
6. Cover entire crepe cake with cream mixture and top with sago and remaining syrup.

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