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We all deserve moments of self-love to help us get through the week, or celebrate simple joys and small wins in life. Showing ourselves some self-love can be as simple as watching your favorite shows, giving yourself a solo spa date, or getting that dessert you’ve been craving for weeks.

And if the last part got your tastebuds excited, then Red Ribbon’s new Petite Cakes are your go-to treats to help you with those moments! The New Petite Cakes are small, cute versions of three of your favorite Red Ribbon flavors in 4-inch size. They make the perfect solo dessert or delicious treat to bring home to your family or to share with a friend.

Red Ribbon Petite Cakes

Indulge in the luscious Black Forest Petite Cake, with smooth icing and decadent chocolate fudge cake under rich grated chocolate, topped with a Maraschino cherry for good measure. Each slice gives a delicious chocolate-cherry flavor that you simply cannot resist. As they say, it’s hard to beat the classics, and the Black Forest is an all-time favorite dessert that makes for a good self-treat.

Red Ribbon Petite Cakes

The Ube Bloom is a lovely dessert featuring a beautiful blooming flower design that inspired its name. This ube-flavored cake features creamy ube icing and soft chiffon that offers ube goodness with every bite.

Red Ribbon Petite Cakes

For a more elegant and lighter treat, the Caramel Delight is your best choice. With the combination of creamy icing, soft chiffon and delicious caramel glaze on top, each forkful gives melt-in-your-mouth goodness that you’ll keep looking for.

Red Ribbon’s best-tasting round cakes are now in everyday size! Visit your nearest Red Ribbon store or order these irresistible Petite Cakes in your beloved flavors like Black Forest, Caramel Delight, and Ube Bloom via the Red Ribbon app and the delivery website or via the GrabFood and foodpanda apps. Red Ribbon’s Petite Cakes starts at Php 250.

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