July 3, 2020
Rainbow Mac and Cheese

Time needed: 45 minutes.

Makes: 4 – 6 servings

Cheese Sauce:
½ piece carrot, roughly chopped
½ piece red bell pepper
½ piece yellow bell pepper
1½ cup squash
1 cup milk
3 tablespoons butter
1 cup cream cheese, cubed and softened
1 cup grated cheddar cheese
Salt, to taste
Ground black pepper, to taste

Mac & Cheese:
2 pieces hotdog, sliced
1½ cups macaroni
1 piece red onion small, diced
½ piece carrot, minced
½ piece red bell pepper, minced
½ piece yellow bell pepper, minced
1 cup squash, minced
1 cup spinach, blanched and finely chopped


  1. Saute

    In a pot, saute hotdogs and onions in butter for a few minutes. Remove hotdogs from the pot.

  2. Boil

    In the same pot, add water and salt. Boil the roughly chopped carrots, bell peppers, and squash until fork tender. Remove vegetables from the pot and keep the water.

  3. Macaroni

    Boil the macaroni in the same water as the vegetables until almost al dente. Add the remaining vegetables and butter then cook until water is almost completely evaporated. Place the boiled vegetables in a blender with milk and both cheese then blend until smooth.

  4. Assembly

    Add the cheese sauce and stir until a smooth thick sauce is achieved and noodles are cooked al dente. Top with the cooked hotdogs.