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Shying away from shrimp or thinking something’s fishy with shrimp? If the fam hardly eats seafood because they’re not used to it, it’s time to cast those worries into the sea and catch Purefoods Seafood Delights!

These tasty treats are ready to cook, fry, and eat, making your mealtime a breeze. Say goodbye to mealtime dilemmas and hello to delicious, nutritious dishes for the whole family to love, creating joyful, memorable moments around the table.

Just like their renowned products, Purefoods’s latest products are made from quality ingredients, offering Filipino families new possibilities during mealtime. You can now serve your family’s seafood faves minus the hassle—just all the convenience and tastiness! With these frozen seafood selections, you have a variety of options to choose from. The line includes shrimp tempura, squid rings, fish nuggets, and tail-on shrimp, making mealtime always something to look forward to and preventing the dreaded “what’s the food today?” dilemma.

And because of that perfect crunch and golden brown goodness, it will be hard for even the pickiest of eaters to resist Purefoods Seafood Delights. It looks like their favorite food, so what will stop them from at least trying it and taking a bite? They’ll surely be excited to go on a seafood adventure with Purefoods Seafood Delights and ask for seconds!

One of the key advantages of Purefoods Seafood Delights is their convenience. As a busy mom, you’ll appreciate having more quick and simple meal options without compromising quality. Prepare in as fast as 15 minutes, Purefoods Seafood Delights are ready to serve, making them ideal for those hectic days when you need a meal on the table in a flash. Spend less time in the kitchen feeling stressed and meal prepping, and more quality moments with your family.

Purefoods’s frozen seafood line is a great way to create nutritious, delicious, and convenient meals for you and your family. With a wide variety of seafood, you can catch the crunch and make every meal a delightful experience. Try Purefoods Seafood Delights today and taste its difference in your family’s everyday meals!

The following seafood products are available in all supermarkets nationwide, with SRP:

Purefoods Seafood Delights
Shrimp Tempura (200g), Php220
Purefoods Seafood Delights
Squid Rings (200g), Php185
Purefoods Seafood Delights
Fish Nuggets (200g), Php125
Purefoods Seafood Delights
Tail-On Shrimp (200g), Php205

Want to learn more about Purefoods Seafood Delights? them on Facebook  and Instagram. For orders, visit www.sanmiguelmart.ph.

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