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Yesterday, July 27, just before 9AM, a 7.2 earthquake shook the whole of Luzon causing irreparable damage and emotional toil to several provinces including the City of Baguio. People are displaced, some were injured and many others felt devastated. During the earthquake aftermath in the city, some establishments went above and beyond to give sustenance and comfort to the people around them.

Good Taste, one of Baguio’s favorite restaurants due to its affordable yet delicious Chinese fare gave out packed meals to passerbys. In the photo that’s been circulating online, Laarni Ilagan, a frequent customer of the restaurant describes the restaurant’s initiative as an “act of kindness and generosity.” The photo’s owner, Ne-Cay Apilis also shared the same sentiment commending the Chinese restaurant of its generosity.

Baguio Country Club, another one of the city’s prominent establishments, also provided comfort to its guests. In an 11-second video posted by Noel Ferrer, employees of the club can be seen offering slices of Raisin Bread, the club’s most popular bread product, to the people waiting outside of the premises.

It truly is devastating when a natural calamity hits home. But out of despair also comes hope and humanity. Do you know any other places that helped around their community? Let us know!

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