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White chocolate! A sweet, milky and creamy enigma that is under-appreciated, misunderstood, and mostly hated by people. Oftentimes this heavenly sweet treat is discriminated against and not considered to be a chocolate at all. When it comes to white chocolate spectrum there is no middle ground. You either think it’s the best chocolate or you don’t consider it a chocolate at all!

Let us give you 8 reasons why you should appreciate white chocolate! 

1. White chocolate is “CHOCOLATE”

White chocolate has a vital component that all chocolate has and this is cocoa butter or cocoa fat. Cocoa butter is the fat extracted from the cocoa beans along with the cocoa liquor. It’s responsible for having that “snap” in chocolate and also the pleasant mouth feel of chocolate. Real white chocolate has cocoa butter in it that’s why it IS chocolate.

Mehn kalma ako lang to

2. White chocolate complements other ingredients

White chocolate is a great pairing for other ingredients, especially tarty or fruity ingredients because it doesn’t overshadow them, unlike the strong chocolate taste of dark and milk chocolate. 

Sige dip mo lang ako dyan

3. Real white chocolate is seriously delicious

Most of the “white” chocolate in the supermarket is made with edible oil (vegetable, palm etc…) and not cocoa butter making it a sub-par/fake white chocolate. If you get a chance to try a real white chocolate made with at least 20% cocoa butter, man this will blow your mind! On your first bite you would feel like an angel just gave you a kiss. True story!

Ako ang tunay na White chocolate

4. White chocolate is versatile

There are endless possibilities in using white chocolate for dessert or savory dishes because of its mild and creamy taste. This makes it a versatile vehicle for other flavors. It can be used to highlight and enhance other ingredients in many different forms. 

Masmasarap talaga ako pag moist

5. White chocolate is a great canvass of colors

Since it has a neutral color you can play around with it by adding color and it makes your desserts or dishes colorful!

Colorful ka yarn

6.White chocolate makes you happy

A compound found in chocolate known as Tyramine has similar dopamine-promoting effects. Dopamine is known as the  “the feel good hormone”. According to Rodolfo Paoletti, the co editor of the  book “ Chocolate and Health”, Tyramine is more concentrated in white chocolate than dark chocolate which means white chocolate increases dopamine levels better than dark chocolate.

Simple lang ako pero masarap

7. White chocolate potato chips are LIT AF! 

Chocolate in savory food is not a new thing but if there is one chocolate savory food you have to experience in your life it’s a White Chocolate Potato Chip! This might be one of the most underrated pairing in the food world.  The salty and crispy potato chip is half coated(or fully coated) with a luscious and creamy white chocolate that creates a mouth-watering playful sensation in your mouth. Caution though, once you start eating these chips you’ll have a hard time stopping! I recommend you try getting the Royce White chocolate Potato chip. You’re welcome!

Ako lang sakalam
*credit photo to order.royceconfectusa.com*

8. White chocolate makes everything better! 

Put white chocolate in your desserts and it will instantly level up that dessert. You think your cake is boring? Add a white chocolate frosting. Do you want your chocolate chip cookies to have a dimension of flavor? Simply add white chocolate! Thinking of improving your life? Grab a bar of white chocolate and eat it then just like that everything is great again.. Well I’m not sure about the last part but it works for me.

Ako lang sapat na

There you have it,  8 reasons to appreciate white chocolate! Go grab a bar of white chocolate right now and appreciate that heavenly goodness!

Inspired to try out white chocolate? Enjoy these white chocolate recipes!

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