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by Rosseadelle Ganayo

Find and fight the smelly source of any stench and free your kitchen with these natural ways to get rid of a smelly kitchen!

Deodorize the fridge. Keep either charcoal or a cup of baking soda in the fridge to keep it smelling fresh and absorbing any strong odors. Or use both! Just remember that baking soda needs to be replaced every 30 days to get best results.

Deodorize the sink. That baking soda from the fridge? Instead of throwing it out after its 30-day life, mix it with some salt and pour it all over the sink and into the drain. Scrub the sink well then rinse and finish everything off with boiling water. Not only does this de-stink your sink, it helps with any clogs that might be forming.

Freshen up and fight off odors. Instead of directly throwing all your used citrus, bake or microwave orange peels and used lemon wedges to release their aromatic oils and place them in the fridge and in inconspicuous places to freshen up and fight off any bad odor. Useful until the end!

Don’t have citrus, baking soda, or charcoal on hand for fighting bad smells in your fridge? Soak cotton balls in vanilla to store in a small container!

Clean those wooden chopping boards! Over time, chopping boards tend to absorb the juices and the smells of whatever are cut on them so they can smell really bad. Drizzle salt and baking soda on top of them and scrub like crazy with a lemon slice. Rinse well with hot water after.

Remove food smells. Haunted by the smells of past food cooked? Boil a pot of water with a few tablespoons of vinegar to send the smells running out and deodorize your kitchen and even the pot that you used for boiling!

Freshen up the kitchen. For those who can’t take the smell of the vinegar deodorizer, what you can do is make a kitchen freshener after you deodorize with the water vinegar solution! Boil some mint, orange peels, and lemon slices in water. Keep adding as much water until you’re happy with the new fragrance that will take over your kitchen!

Wipe those counters and stove tops with homemade, pet-safe disinfectant! Counters and stove tops can often be wiped but the smell can still linger. So sprinkle salt all over the stove tops and counters and spray over a vinegar solution made with a ratio of 1 cup water to 3 tablespoons vinegar to not only easily wipe off any stains and grease but disinfect without needing to rinse! Bonus: you won’t have to worry about your pet getting in contact with it!

Bake. Specifically — or preferably — cookies. Cookies are magic. Somehow, no matter what the kitchen smells like, once cookies enter the oven, their aroma dominates everything. It immediately takes care of two problems: odor and hunger! Win-win!

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