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by Angeli De Rivera

Lechon may be the most requested dish when it comes to Filipino parties but you know what? The Cochinillo is the real MVP. Every bit of the suckling pig is guaranteed to be tender plus you don’t need to feel guilty indulging in every bite since it has less fat and has leaner yet flavorful meat. You don’t even need to fight over the crispy skin since there’s enough for everyone. So, for your next get-together, grab a plate and start slicing that cochinillo!


Mr. Cochinillo


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Tinee de Guzman is Mr. Cochinillo. The man has mastered the art of cooking roasted suckling pig turning his passion into a full-fledged venture since igniting his first pugon in his backyard in late 2012. From picking the milk-fed only babe to making sure the ingredients are exact and well applied to each pig, Tinee does it all himself. You don’t even need to have it with gravy or liver sauce. It’s that perfectly seasoned. If your party has an adventurous palate, he also offers Black Pig or Baboy Ramo, which has a leaner fat content than pig but a still must-try experience.

For orders, visit www.mrcochinillo.com.


Macho Cochinillo


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Roasted suckling pig with a Thai flair? That’s Macho Cochinillo for you. We won’t blame you for keeping on sneaking off with a piece of their ultra-crispy skin, more so when it’s paired with their signature cilantro rice. Team Mean Green Boss Sauce or Team Suppah Thai Sauce? Let’s just say that you’re the real winner for ordering from Macho Cochinillo.

For orders, visit their Facebook page and Instagram

Yellow Kitchen

This cloud kitchen based in Quezon City has a lot to in their menu and their Cebu-style cochinillo is one of the best in town. They mainly sell mini cochinillo that’s leaner in fat but huge in flavor perfect for more intimate gatherings, although recently they offered a larger size—because, of course, you’d want some leftovers to enjoy for later! Each order comes with a complimentary chili garlic sauce and a choice of garlic rice, garlic rice with rosemary, duck fat fried rice, or truffle fried rice—seriously, you can’t go wrong with either one!

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Cochinillo Segoviano

Customers have described their cochinillo as “melts-in your mouth” and “we’ve tried others, but your is much tastier”. With raving reviews like that, you’d really want to get in line to order from Cochinillo Segoviano. True enough their best seller is fall-of-the-bone tender and incredibly flavorful from snout to tail. They also provide a signature gravy that’ll make you want to pour all over baked potatoes just like they do in Segovia, the Spanish region where the dish originated.

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Don Cochinillo

What sets Don Cochinillo’s main offering apart from others is their unique take on the roasted suckling pig. Where else can you get Cuban-inspired cochinillo with the perfect balance of sweet, salty, and savory? Done with a special Latin American dry rub, it’s guaranteed to burst with flavor on every part of the pig. Also, instead of the usual gravy, it comes with a lovely green mojos sauce that goes well with the milk-fed meat.

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Want cochinillo made by Marvin Agustin? Yes, that Marvin Agustin. The actor-turned chef and restaurateur has a new venture and it includes a slow-roasted tasty piglet that you can effortlessly slice with a plate. Marvin’s passion for the dish got ignited during a summer trip to Madrid and has since perfected his recipe churning orders by the dozen. His cochinillo’s are available in medium (P8,999), large (P9,999), and extra-large (P10,499) sizes so be quick to order since they typically have a 2-day lead time for orders more so during the holidays.

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Cochinillo and Beyond

Cochinillo with all the fixings already included? We’re sold! Cochinillo and Beyond specialize in putting together an all-in-one feast centered around the signature cochinillo and then some. Their Whole Cochinillo Party Set (good for 10-15 servings) includes a whole roasted chicken, java rice, roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, and homemade spiced vinegar and gravy. They even throw in the plate you would use to cut the roasted suckling pig.

For orders, visit their Facebook page and Instagram


Boss Cochinillo

They may have only started during the middle of the pandemic last year, but this cochinillo-specialty house has successfully churned one delicious roasted suckling pig after another gaining a loyal following with their specialty. They take pride in roasting their pigs for at least three hours before packing them away in a customized box to be consumed at the soonest when the skin is at its crispiest and the meat is at its juiciest. Each cochnillo comes with cilantro chimichurri sauce or liver sauce.

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