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By Angeli De Rivera

Coffee with cake? How about coffee-in-your-cake? Now we’re talking. But what makes a good mocha cake? We think it should be how well the coffee flavor is pronounced in every airy slice of sponge cake up to the decadent buttercream frosting laced with espresso or even instant coffee blend, just as long as it balances well with everything the cake has to offer. Mad for mocha? Then go crazy with these mocha cakes:


Hizon’s Cakes and Pastries

This generations-old Manila-based bakeshop has been churning out classic baked goods since the 1950s. Their best-seller is the Mocha Cake that comes in many sizes and forms depending on their customer’s preference. Recently, Hizon’s has been elevating their frosting game by decorating them with fabulous floral icing designs onto their wavy buttercream base making it a little harder to cut through the heavenly chiffon cake. Well, just a little.

For orders, visit their Facebook page or Instagram


Forget Me Not Specialty Cakes

Pixie Sevilla is a master baker and one of her masterpieces is her dreamy Mocha Praline Cake. Her airy mocha chiffon base is enrobed with the most addicting mocha buttercream frosting. The addition of crunchy pralines on top won’t let you off another bite either. If you’re going to be locked down with a piece of mocha cake this should be it. Another wonderful thing about this cake? It has a sugar-free version.

For orders, visit their Facebook page or Instagram


Costa Brava

They may be more known for their caramel cakes but their mocha creations are also worth a slice. The cake itself is light and fluffy, simply designed, but oh so scrumptious with the right balance of coffee buttercream in every serving. It comes in several sizes but our favorite is the cupcake version for those solo dessert binges.

For orders, call (02) 8896-6872 or visit their Instagram


Vargas Kitchen

The Mocha Buttercake of Vargas Kitchen doesn’t play around with its straightforward piping decor—it does, however, know how to tease and make your mouth water. Imagine their signature butter cake getting a mocha treatment when it is slathered with a thick coating of coffee buttercream. For the butter cake lovers out there, who also crave coffee-flavored frosting, this is for you.

For orders, visit their Facebook page or Instagram


The Mocha Cake from Goldilocks always brings a smile to every party-goer. It never fails to give everyone a reason to celebrate when it’s on the dining table. Their recipe for the cake remains the same making it an ever-dependable party staple whenever the occasion calls for it or we’re just craving for a slice. We might even say that this cake is the first time most kids would have a taste of coffee.

For order, visit www.goldilocks.com.ph

Marlene Manfort

Le Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef Marlene Monfort does all her dessert orders by herself. One of her must-tries is the Coffee Chiffon Cake with luscious Coffee Buttercream, which she makes with high-quality ingredients. What’s another delightful detail about Marlene Manfort’s Coffee Chiffon Cake? Its old-school frosting decor is a heartwarming sight that evokes nostalgia and fuzzy memories of celebrations past and hopefully, intimate get-togethers in your near future.

For orders, visit their Facebook page or Instagram

Café Naci

Café Naci’s 8-inch mocha masterpiece is a caffeine-lovers delight that you’d want to keep all by yourself.  Beautifully piped coffee buttercream rosettes crown the 8-inch two-layered sponge cake. And to make it all better— a copious amount of chocolate shavings is added enough to smack our lips unconsciously with dessert hunger.

For orders, visit their Facebook page or Instagram

Flour Pot

If you’re looking for a mocha-based dessert that’s out to impress then go for Flour Pot’s Mocha Cake with Burnt Honeycomb. Chef Rhea Sycip’s version takes the typical mocha cake to another level. Think espresso sponge cake base that’s exclusively made with free-range eggs and organic butter then given a good brushing of espresso syrup in between layers. Its final version includes espresso buttercream on every top layer of the naked cake then finished off with homemade honeycomb. For special occasions, they can make it with additional trimmings of giant strawberries and buttercream laced with Destileria Limtuaco’s Amadeo Coffee Liquor.

For orders, visit their Facebook page or Instagram


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