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One of the best ways to cope with the summer heat is with a cold treat. And what better way to do that than with a big scoop of Manila Creamery’s signature ice creams?

Since 2015, this young gelato brand has been churning out wonderous creamy creations each distinctly unique, and most of all, they love championing Filipino flavors. We recently got invited to their Vertis North branch get a taste of their latest gelatos. Here’s the scoop on what guys should definitely try.

Manila Creamery
Photo courtesy of Manila Creamery

Fun in Flavors

Part of Manila Creamery’s ongoing innovations is coming up with flavors that are not only interesting and delicious but also current with a hint of familiarity.

One new flavor that can heal your inner child is the Roasted Milk and Cookies. Manila Creamery’s version ramps up the flavor by roasting the milk base of their gelato using a secret technique then combining it with homemade chocolate chip cookies. Think of it as the grown-up version of the classic cookies and milk combo. You don’t even need Mom’s permission for a second serving!

Another fun flavor you can easily get addicted to is Thai Milk Tea. For this gelato, Thai black tea leaves were added to their ice cream base. A single scoop can make you reminisce about your past visit to the bustling street markets of Bangkok.

Looking for an alternative to matcha? Manila Creamery is happy to introduce its roasted cousin, Hojicha. Instead of the mellow, slightly bitter green tea flavor matcha is known for, hojicha is much more rich and complex due to its roasted nature allowing deeper notes and a smokey taste profile to develop.

A comeback favorite is the Black Sesame. Sophisticated and unconventional with earthy undertones, this flavor is a nod to Chinese influences, yet it brings in so much familiarity from its nutty flavor profile. It’s a great choice for those who prefer not-so-tradtional flavors.

Of course, Filipino flavors are also on rotation. One local-inspired flavor that stood out of the rest was the Durian. Subtly pungent, custardy, and with its own unique sweetness, it lets durian lovers indulge in their favorite fruit sans the tedious peeling and cutting while durian virgins get a taste of what they’ve been missing.

Manila Creamery
Photo courtesy of Manila Creamery

Nostalgia in a Cup

Owner and lead ice cream maker Jason Go has a knack for developing crowd-pleasing flavors. Thanks to his endless curiosity, playful palate, and appreciation for old and new classics, the millennial-runned ice cream company has come out with hit after hit of frozen favorites.

For example, one of the Christmas flavors they released was the Cookie Butter Overload, which was a tribute to Lotus Biscoff lovers everywhere. It got so much positive feedback that they decided to make it a regular flavor. The same story happened with their gelato version of the classic confection, Crème Brulee. Initially a Valentine’s Day offering, the flavor became an instant bestseller and endded up being  added to the regular rotation.

Other examples are their premium flavors like Pistachio and Kinder Bueno, which were inspired by Jason’s trip to Italy when he learned about the art of making gelato. His affinity for pistachio ice cream  motivated him to make his version, even using authentic Italian pistachio cream plus real crushed pistachios for texture. The Kinder Bueno ice cream on the other hand uses Italian hazelnut cream and crushed Kinder Bueno pieces but is infused with tablea ganache to bring balance and a touch of local flavor.

One flavor the team is very excited to introduce is the Orange Creamsicle, which they plan to release this summer. It was during a trip to a supermarket when Jason noticed the machines that churned out freshly-squeezed orange juice. This gave him the idea of making the summery flavor reminiscent of a once popular frozen orange-flavored treat millennials had grown up with.

Photo courtesy of Manila Creamery


When asked why their flavors are such hits, Jason and the team shared how listening to their customers became vital in developing their gelatos, a skill they learned during their initial years when the brand was still joining seasonal bazaars and weekend markets.

Another thing they realized was that, as a millennial brand, their customer base has grown up and so have their tastes—so it is important to adapt and pivot when needed, which is also necessary for the growth of the company.

With their continuous passion for keeping their signature tastes to the highest standards as well as unceasingly innovating their offerings, Manila Creamery has certainly proven itself to be a homegrown brand set out to bigger and better things.

Photo courtesy of Manila Creamery

Try to catch their latest offerings this summer! Better yet, follow Manila Creamery’s Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok to know their newest offerings and promos. To know more about Manila Creamery visit, check out their website, manilacreamery.com.

Look for the Manila Creamery kiosks in the following malls:  Alabang Town Center, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, UP Town Center, Vertis North

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