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‘Tis the season to indulge! It’s time to deck the grocery halls and check your lists twice for the right ingredients. The feast of all feasts is just weeks away and everyone is looking forward to the Noche Buena menu.

Filipinos celebrate Christmas with a wide array of food. The list of traditional Noche Buena dishes is as endless as they are delicious. Delight everyone’s taste buds and dazzle their eyes with new flavors and presentation makeovers. This year, we want to gift you with these recipes that are traditional but with a few surprises thrown into them!


Steamed or fried, Embutido is the flavor log that’s a must at the Christmas table. The entire process of making it is a bonding ritual between lolas, moms, and children. Made in large batches (and the reason behind the lack of aluminum foil around the house during the holidays), this treat outlasts the festive season.

Give it a new spin by using a different meat altogether! Try this recipe for Shrimbutido for some bite-sized seafood goodness.

Crispy Palabok

Definitely a crowd favorite, this dish is always anticipated during any gathering. With its iconic yellow sauce and abundant toppings, it’s a perfect end and start to a bountiful year.

Want to take the wow factor to the next level? Check out this recipe for Crispy Palabok. Add some extra flair and crunch just the way you like your favorite crispy noodles.

Chicken Morcon

Everyone knows that this is a favorite entree every Christmas. It’s a dish that never gets old — a tradition that serves to remind us of family.

Add a new link to the family history by creating a lighter version. Try this recipe for Chicken Morcon that can make your lola proud.

General Tso’s Chicken

Chicken is a must-serve at every Filipino gathering. It’s quick, easy to prepare, and a definite crowd-pleaser. It’s a simple dish that doesn’t need much attention to bring smiles to those who eat it – especially the kids.

However, this doesn’t mean it should stay plain just so it’s easy to make. This Christmas, add an Asian kick to your favorite with this recipe for General Tso’s Chicken and spice up the holidays.

Meatball Caldereta

Festive to both the palate and the eyes, caldereta is a sure holiday mainstay.  From the medley of assorted premium ingredients to its festive Christmas colors, Caldereta is about giving the best the season has to offer. We simply identify home with its comforting flavors.

But you don’t need to burn through the bank to provide the best Caldereta for your loved ones. For a new, yet super tasty, sure-fire winning twist that everyone will love, try this recipe for Meatball Caldereta.

We hope you try these recipes out for Noche Buena 2019. Hopefully, these recipes inspire you to try something new even before the New Year. If you want more delicious recipes and simply good inspiration, visit https://www.maggi.ph/.

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