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What if celebrity chef, restaurateur, award-winning book author Chef Tatung Sarthou could be in your kitchen to help you with your daily cooking? He won’t just provide recipes, he would also give you valuable tips, tricks, and hacks to make your dishes more exciting and delicious. Want the Simpol chef to teach you how to cook? Then get a copy of Simpol Dishkarte, Chef Tatung’s comprehensive guide to Pinoy cooking and your newest BFF in the kitchen.

This 200+ page cooking guide-slash-cookbook is jam-packed with the best kitchen know-hows, step-by-step photos, and beautiful illustrations all curated by the Simpol chef.

The book is cleverly divided into three sections for easy and quick references when you’re in a cooking mood.

The Dish Is It section covers the cooking fundamentals—from choosing the right ingredients, knowing what works per dish, what cookware and knife to use as well as defrosting tips and so on.

The Dishkubre section is where cooking techniques like boiling, steaming, sauteing, frying, deep-frying, thickening, or thinning the sauce and preparing the ingredients are discussed, dissected, and where your cooking prowess might be discovered.

The Dishkarte section give the highlight on the ingredients we Pinoys usually cook with and more—from the meats (pork, beef, chicken, and seafood), herbs and rekados, seasonings, noodles to rice—plus how to use and handle them.

The last section of the book holds a treasure trove of fool-proof Pinoy recipes that you can use to master your new-found cooking knowledge with, which then you can eventually make into your own.

The book, initially published in 2018, is well-loved by Filipinos all over the world as evidenced by it being awarded as one of the top winners of the Filipino Readers Choice Award in 2022. In the latest edition of Dishkarte, Chef Tatung even has the book written in Tagalog keeping the general Filipino in mind.

So, whether you’re planning to get it for your partner who’s clueless with cooking or your new household help, for personal skill development in cooking or for your growing food business, the Simpol Dishkarte book should be an easy reach in your kitchen library. Get your copy now!

Simpol Dishkarte (Php 390.00) and other books by Vertikal Books is available in all National Bookstore and Fully Booked outlets, and online on Amazon and Simpol stores in Shopee and Lazada.

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