Time needed: 30 minutes.

Makes: 4 -6 servings

1 pack lumpia wrappers
tomato sauce
banana ketchup
dried oregano
pepperoni slices
mozzarella cheese, cut into sticks
bell pepper slices
black olives, sliced
white onion, chopped
button mushroom, sliced
oil, for frying


  1. Spread sauce

    Spread a tablespoon of tomato sauce and a tablespoon of banana ketchup into the center of a lumpia wrapper. Sprinkle with dried oregano.

  2. Add meat toppings

    Place a layer of pepperoni slices topped with a few sticks of mozzarella cheese.

  3. Add vegetable toppings

    Place a few bell pepper slices, black olives, onions, and mushrooms.

  4. Roll and seal

    Roll up the lumpia tightly and seal the edges with water. repeat for all lumpia.

  5. Fry

    Fry the lumpia until golden and serve hot.

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