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Food ranking website Taste Atlas recently voted our Lumpiang Shanghai as the 2nd best street food in the world (Malaysia’s Roti canai got first place, FYI). In truth, you cannot deny the deliciousness of a savory lumpia–from the assorted combinations the rolls can be filled with to deep frying it until its golden and crispy. Here at Bitesized, our love for the fried spring roll knows no bounds. So as a tribute to its recent world ranking, we’re sharing with you this delicious compilation of some of the best lumpia recipes we’ve made.

Crispy Kare-Kareng Gulay Roll

We’re so used to eating kare-kare as a thick stew so to make it more fun and delectable, we decided to up the ante by making it into a fun veggie-filled lumpia roll using Mama Sita’s Kare-kareng Gulay Mix. Not only is it a must-try take on the usual kare-kare but it’s also a nice clean way to let the kiddos eat their veggies. 

Click here for the complete recipe.


Sisig Dynamites

Pass on the sizzling hot plate and have your sisig in a crispy roll instead! Imagine every bite packed with juicy pork belly that’s been well-seasoned, grilled, and minced with aromatics plus the juicy crunch of green chili in a perfectly fried lumpia wrapper. It even has a flavorful liver dip to add to the richness of the dish.

Click here for the complete recipe.


Kani Salad Dynamite

This lumpia loaded with kani salad ingredients and matched with an addicting sesame mayo dip elevates the refreshing appetizer into a fun and filling pulutan. If you want to make it more decadent then stuff the green chili with herbed cream cheese. 

Click here for the complete recipe.


Bicol Express Lumpia

Have you noticed how we love putting all the classic Filipino meat in lumpia form by now? The Bicol Express Lumpia is no different yet it brings a different kind of experience to familiar comfort food. You get to bite into a crispy golden brown roll packed with creamy-savory chunks of pork long-simmered in aromatics, coconut milk, and seasonings. You don’t even need utensils to enjoy this Bicolano dish with a twist.

Click here for the complete recipe.


Lumpiang Sariwa In Gabi Wrapper 

Not all delicious spring rolls come in a crispy wrapper. Sometimes, the fresh ones are the clear winners bringing refreshing and bold flavors to the table like this lumpiang sariwa served in a gabi wrapper made from scratch. Have it as an appetizer or as side dish of a healthy spread.

Click here for the complete recipe.


Crab Claw Lumpia

If you’re really set to impress then make our Crab Claw Lumpia. This surf and turf-style lumpia is made with premium ingredients like fresh crab meat, chopped longganisa, and labong. Don’t forget to pair it with the aligue dipping sauce to highlight the flavors of the crab.  

Click here for the complete recipe.


Galunggong Lumpiang Shanghai

One of the best things about lumpia is that it elevates a simple ingredient into a much sought-after filling. Take this Galunggong Lumpia Shanghai, for instance–the lowly mackerel scad is prepped, seasoned, and cooked with other basic ingredients. After frying it turns into a crispy roll flavor bomb when eaten.  

Click here for the complete recipe.


Cheesy Bangus Lumpia

Fish and cheese together? That’s right! And it’s mighty scrumptious too!  Smoked tinapang bangus is flaked and then added with aromatics and veggies. Afterward, it’s arranged with a stick of quick melting cheese in a lumpia wrapper then deep-fried until golden brown. The result: an addicting lumpia you can make any time you like!  

Click here for the complete recipe.


Lumpiang Ubod Noodle Okonomiyaki

For a lumpia that’s out of the ordinary, then go for this JaPinoy fusion dish. Imagine the goodness of lumpiang ubod is melded with the savory flavors of Japanese okonomiyaki. Fully loaded, flavorful, and definitely filling, this is a unique lumpia variation that’s worth trying! 

Click here for the complete recipe.

Do you have a unique lumpia recipe you want to share? Send us a message!

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