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Chicken, apart from pork,  is the most consumed meat in the Philippines. And, for us Filipinos, every part of an animal we consume has a use, and that goes the same with chicken. We have also found ways to enjoy every part of the chicken—from the comb down to the talon. Think you know all the chicken cuts and parts and how to cook them?

Here’s our guide to Filipino chicken cuts!





Buong manokWhole chickenFried Chicken, Roast Chicken, Pinikpikan
Palong ng manokCombBreaded and fried
LeegNeckStock, Gravy, Pinakupsan
Pecho o DibdibBreastGrilled Chicken Breast, Chicken Tenders, Poached Chicken, Chicken Nuggets, Inasal
HitaDrumstickFried Chicken, Tinola, Inasal
ThighChicken Curry, Chicken Pastel, Adobo, Afritada
PakpakWingsBuffalo wings, inihaw, chicken lollipop
Puso ng manokChicken heartStir-fry, deep-fried, grilled, soups
BalunbalunanGizzardStir-Fried, deep-fried, Grilled
AtayLiverInihaw, pate, soups, Adobo
Balat ng manokChicken skinChicharon
BitukaIntestineChicken isaw, Adobong isaw
ButoBonesChicken stock
Paa, AdidasChicken feetBraised chicken feet (Chinese-style)


Here are some flavorful chicken recipes you can do at home!

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Get the Chicken Liver and Tofu Sisig recipe here

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We also have a guide on Filipino pork cuts and Filipino beef cuts to help you on your next market day!

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