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When going to the wet market it’s sometimes difficult to identify the beef cuts specially if their using Filipino terms. Some terms maybe familiar to you while others might sound foreign to you. We decided to make a simple guide for you so that you’ll get familiarize with the Filipino terms next time you visit the wet market.

Here’s our guide to Filipino beef cuts!

PaypayChuckNilagang Baka
KaderaChuck RibKaldereta
PechoBrisketBeef Pares, Corned Beef
KalitiranBlade ClodBeef Mechado
KenchiFore/Hind ShankSizzling Bulalo, Kare-Kare
TagiliranShort RibsCrispy Tadyang, Sinigang
TapanderaSirloinTapa, Bistek
SolomiylyoTenderloinTenderloin Steak
CamtoFlankBeef Mami

Here are some succulent beef recipes you can try and enjoy!

We also have a guide on Filipino pork cuts to help you on your next market day!

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