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Secret menus in fast food restaurants are usually a myth, just random rumors shared in social media. But did you know that KFC actually has a Secret Menu? That’s right! KFC has four new secret offerings that’s out in the open and ready to be enjoyed by everyone. Here they are:

The Double Zinger is a dream come true for KFC fans who want to turn up the heat. The snack features two Zinger patties in one spicy sandwich, making the already hot Zinger experience even hotter.

The KFC Sloppy Shots is dedicated to those who are obsessed with gravy and fun shots. It features KFC’s signature fries drenched in Original Recipe gravy that we all love. It’s also topped with corn and cheese, making this gloriously sloppy bowl live up to its name.

The third snack in the Secret Menu is the Naked Twister. As the name suggests, this Twister gets rid of the classic tortilla wrap and gives fans a more deconstructed version of their favorite snack. Enjoy a filling bowl of fun shots with veggies and lots of special dressing.

KFC’s Colonel’s Belgian Bites is also included in the Secret Menu line up! It’s a bucket of 12 bite-sized donuts filled with Belgian chocolate filling, and coated with irresistibly good chocolate.

The KFC Secret Menu is exclusively available when you order via KFC website or app and GLife. You may also call their hotline at 887-8888.

Note: This is a press release. Edit have been made by the Bitesized.ph editorial staff

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