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Sisig. Don’t you just want to indulge and eat spoonfuls of this Filipino pulutan favorite with lots of rice? Of course, eating the classic sisig made of pork all the time can be unnerving for the health-conscious.

But, what if we tell you that we found a kind of sisig that’s not only incredibly addicting and delicious but also friendlier to those with high cholesterol? Imagine a dish you can prepare on your own and that has the same exquisite pork sisig taste that Filipinos absolutely love, but guilt-free.

Mushroom Sisig is the main product of The Kabute Farm, a local food company that proudly established its roots in Mt. Banahaw, in the quaint town of Lucban, Quezon. Here, the owner’s family has been enjoying cultivating fresh organic produce and crafting homemade classic Filipino delicacies for years.

Kabute (oyster mushroom) grows aplenty in the province and with the continuous search for healthier food options, the family took on the challenge to make this creative take on the sisig using mushrooms and tasty Filipino dishes for inspiration.

The Kabute Farm’s ready-to-heat mushroom sisig packs are made with pure oyster mushrooms, native onions, and chili peppers making it totally meatless, organic, and vegetarian friendly.

What’s convenient about their mushroom sisig is how it’s so easy to prepare.

Step 1: Open the defrosted packet

Step 2: Pan fry on a non-stick pan for about five minutes until crispy.

Step 3 (optional): Top with a fried egg.

It’s that easy!

Aside from it being a stand-alone sisig, it can also be used in a variety of dishes such as salad toppings, sisig pasta, mushroom burger patties, and a lot more.

Taste the difference with The Kabute Farm’s ready-to-heat mushroom sisig and score great deals this coming 11.11 Mega Sale! Get as much as 15% off in all bundles and free shipping nationwide with a minimum order of P3,000.

Shop now at www.thekabutefarm.com or visit their pages at Facebook Page and Instagram.


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