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Written by Bianca Katipunan

K-dramas have given us feelings of kilig and thrills, but they’ve also made us crave for all kinds of food we may not even have tried before. With so many mouthwatering scenes of our K-drama leads enjoying snacks, we just can’t help but get curious about the treats they’re are munching on. (Proof that product placements actually work!) Here are some K-drama snacks you can buy online.


Cheese Sausage

This cheesy snack is the perfect on-the-go snack especially for those who are always on the run. Eat it anywhere, at any time of the day, just like your favorite K-Drama character.

Buy Korean sausages for ₱299 here.


Choco Pie

For a sweet treat, try this cute mini chocolate cake. Similar to our Choco Mallows, this is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and can help you feel energized.

You can buy Choco Pie for ₱130 here.


Banana Milk

Banana-flavored things are very popular in South Korea, and you can find banana milk virtually anywhere. This drink also comes in different flavors like strawberry and melon!

You can buy banana milk for ₱38 here.



The traditional black bean noodle dish that is loved by Koreans also has an instant version. Although it might not be as healthy, who can resist it? Pair it with kimchi to complete the experience.

You can buy instant Jjajangmyeon for ₱165 here.


Maxim instant coffee

Yeah, we’ve got plenty of 3-in-1 coffee options here, but K-dramas make Maxim instant coffee look so good! Thanks to online shopping, you can try it out for yourself.

You can buy Maxim instant coffee for ₱100 here.



This cone-shaped corn chip is salty, crunchy, and super fun to eat — try wearing them on your fingers!

You can buy Kkokkalcorn for ₱73 here.



Ok, so this isn’t exactly a snack, but you might be curious about this alcoholic drink that’s been featured in many K-dramas. If you’re looking for a buzz but want a change from your usual soju, give makgeolli a try. It’s a milky, lightly sparkling rice wine that probably tastes like nothing you’d ever had before. Fun fact: It’s the oldest alcoholic beverage in Korea!

You can buy Makgeolli for ₱342 here.


Kopiko Coffee Candy  (₱45)

While almost all of us may be familiar with this candy, it seems like our favorite K-Drama characters are just discovering Kopiko’s wonders. And they’ve got them in super convenient blister packs!

You can buy Kopiko candy for ₱45 here.

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This article was republished with permission from 8List.ph.

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