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Fans of Ikinari Steak are rejoicing—Japan’s popular steak chain is opening its first branch in Manila!

Translated as “sudden steak,” the concept behind this Japanese steak place defeats the essence of traditional western steakhouses that serve steaks in fine-dining traditions.

They’re known to serve quality steak cuts in a casual setting. At modest prices, you can already have choice beef slices of rib eye, sirloin, and filet mignon by the gram. The restaurant has also come up with a signature steak sauce that’s been known to sell out fast. It’s also famous for having no chairs so customers stand while enjoying their meals—an idea built around Japanese salarymen who rushed during their meal breaks. Other dishes to enjoy aside from the beef include chicken steaks, hamburger steaks.

The first Ikinari Steak branch in the country will soon open at the Mitsukoshi Mall. Their store is situated beside Mendokoro Ramenba. Since opening in 2013, Ikinari Steak has grown to become one of the Japan’s beloved fast-food restaurants with more than 200 locations all over Japan. Ikinari Steak can also be found in other countries such as  Singapore, China, Taiwan, and Hongkong.

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