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by Meryl Medel

No, it’s not the sleeveless undershirt! A sando is simply a cute nickname in Japan for sandwich. But it’s not just your usual sandwich. Instead of white or wheat bread, it uses shokupan or soft and pillowy Japanese milk bread. Fillings can either be sweet or savory, and it’s often so packed between the two loaves that it reaches at least an inch or two in thickness. These sandwiches are often found in konbinis, bakeries, or cafes in Japan.

Don’t worry though. You don’t need to book a flight just to get these yummy sandwiches, because these restaurants and shops can serve and deliver these Japanese Sando straight to your home.


Tamago Sando


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The shop’s name literally means egg sandwich, which is exactly what they specialize in. Based in Makati, Tamago Sando has only one thing on their menu: a Japanese-style egg sandwich composed of smashed hard boiled eggs and runny egg yolk mixed with thick and creamy mayonnaise in between soft, milky bread. You can place an order via their Instagram page.



Known for their katsus, Maisen turned their katsu knowledge into sandwich form. They offer all things katsu sando on their menu: Tenderloin Tonkatsu Sando, Shrimp Katsu Sando, and Pocket Katsu Sandos. See how you can order on their Instagram.



This Makati-based restaurant offers a lot of different sandos on their menu from tamago to katsu. But their Ebi Sando takes a place of pride on their menu. It’s packed with panko-battered shrimp and dressed in tartar sauce. Order via 02 7746 1780 or 0917 836 2695, or check out their Facebook or Instagram.


Wagyu Studio Manila

Wagyu Studio Manila takes your usual konbini sando to the next level with A5 Kobe Beef with original steak sauce and sprinkled with 24k gold flakes. It’s sando, but fancy, which makes its name Chateaubriand Sando even more apt.


Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

Another restaurant offering a steak sando is Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, best known for their premium steak that leans more toward the high-end price. But if you want to have a taste of their famous steak, you can order some katsu steak sandwich.


Mister Sando


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For a variety of flavors and fillings, Mister Sando is your go-to shop. They’ve got Tamago (egg), Tuna, Karaage (chicken), Kimukatsu (pork), Cheese Kimukatsu, and Ebi (shrimp). Unfortunately, the shop is currently taking a break, but make sure to follow their Facebook and Instagram pages to know when they’ll be back.


Shizuka Cafe

A cozy and charming cafe, Shizuka Cafe offers modern Japanese food as well as classic Filipino dishes on their menu. There’s a lot of must-try, but if you’re looking for a quick yet filling snack, you should order their Katsu Sando.


Claudine’s Sweet Selections

Looking for a sweeter option? Sandos made of sweet fruit and smooth cream are available in Claudine’s Sweet Selections. Their menu has a variety of fruit options from strawberries to kiwis to oranges. You can mix and match as you like in one box. You can place an order via their Facebook or Instagram.

This article was republished with permission from 8List.ph.

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