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Food fills not only our bellies, but most of all our souls. Food is our passion—eating it, making it, learning about it and documenting it for you.

Bitesized.ph is your go-to resource for binge-worthy recipes, food marvels, and morsels of Pinoy grub culture.

We experiment with local and accessible ingredients to reinvent classic recipes and birth new concoctions. We’re always on the look-out for the newest and best eats around. We’re seeking the spirit of satisfaction from a meal made with fresh ingredients and expert skill, crafted with pride of place and love for one’s own culture.

For us, the ultimate dream is to have moan-inducing, toe-curling food every single time. And of course, we want the same for you.

While we will always yearn for exceptional food, we also don’t have the time and patience for complicated. We have enough of that in our relationships. Just kidding (sort of). So we’ve simplified everything for you—from prepping winning meals to finding culinary gems. You’ll feel like you have your sh!t together—with every recipe you try and every food spot you visit.

We provide a delicious haven not only for cooks and gourmands, but for every hungry belly. Each recipe and feature is a bite-sized serving of food porn. And while at the site, you can indulge all you want.

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