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Stumped on what to prepare for March? Here’s a guide on the dishes that you should try!



Longganisa Ensalada Tacos

Fish And Chips

Stuffed Kimchi Sinangag Balls

Easy Chori Burger

Adobo Flakes Maki

Coco Jam Bacon Toast

Tuyo Flakes Aglio Olio



Panda Express Orange Chicken

Gata Goto

Chicharon Tempura

Java Chicken Barbeque

Pinaupong Beer Can Chicken

Chinese Claypot Rice

Remy’s Ratatouille



Crispy Kangkong With Mayo Sinigang Dip

Fried Tofu With Soy Vinegar

Black Calamares

Longganisa Kwek Kwek

Tortang Talong Dynamites

Beef Pares Quesadilla

Mojo Potatoes Ala Shakey’s



Sizzling Tokwa’t Baboy

Bangus Sisig

Sizzling Bicol Express

Nilasing Na Talaba Sisig

Sizzling Bulalo

Sizzling Balut

Adobo Sa Gata Laksa


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